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How to Use Enhanced Content

Betsy Timbers | May 20, 2019

Brands and manufacturers have three huge, scalable opportunities in using enhanced content’s video, rich media, and comparison charts on digital catalogs and product pages. When enhanced content is present, shoppers are 25% more likely to purchase according to Jupiter Research. Brands selling to retailer and distributor customers can benefit from providing this type of content to their partners.

Enhanced content provides the expected level of detail – for every shopper

Standing out on the digital shelf is important, no matter if your customer is a consumer or a business. Three years ago, shoppers wanted just 3 images and no video. Today, those numbers have increased to 6 images and two videos.

Below-the-fold video and high-resolution product images give a deeper dive into your brand. These storytelling opportunities are consistent across all touch points, showcase key features to differentiate yourself from the competition. You can also build comparison charts to showcase what’s unique across your products line and answer questions customers frequently ask.

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Enhanced content equips your salesforce with the tools they need to sell better

Think of enhanced content as an ever-present, always current, universally accessed sales pitch deck. By using dynamic elements – like video and image galleries – in your digital sell sheets and product catalogs, the product pages become an easy-to-access salesforce enablement tool for your teams.

There are different types of layouts, and with the product-specific rich media, the clients will feel as though the experience has been tailored to their needs—because it has been, just with less fuss and more efficiency on your end.

Enhanced content allows customers to compare the features that matter to them

Enhanced Content Comparison Chart

Your business buyers are everyday consumers who shop for home décor, CPGs, and clothing just like everyone else. Why wouldn’t they expect the same experience when shopping while on the clock?

With enhanced content, easy-to-build comparison charts pull from your latest product insights. Right away, clients have access to the competitive research they need all in one place, saving them time and energy.

What to Expect with Salsify Enhanced Content

With Salsify’s unified platform, product data and enhanced content capabilities live in the same system. This means that instead of building layouts one-at-a-time (which can be time-consuming and expensive), brands can map product attributes to templates and create enhanced content pages for multiple products at once. For example, a home furniture brand customer used Salsify to develop and publish 800 enhanced content pages in just two days, saving nearly $80,000.

Salsify’s enhanced content solution helps brands create enhanced content for more products with less work so they can deliver engaging, interactive shopping experiences. Check it out for yourself here.

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