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    Califia Farms
    Grows D2C Sales by 400% With Engaging Product Content

    Plant-based beverage brand Califia Farms optimizes product content with Salsify to grow D2C sales.

    About Califia Farms

    Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Los Angeles, Califia Farms manufactures and distributes plant-based milks, creamers, juices, and yogurts. Its mission is to create products that are nourishing for people and the planet.

    The brand has prioritized digital transformation for many years, helping them drive sales and capitalize on consumer interest using first-hand insights from its direct to-consumer (D2C) website.

    The Challenge

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    Califia Farms' D2C site previously focused on providing branded content, not driving sales from its channel.

    When Leonard Ortega, the former director of ecommerce for the brand, joined the company, he knew that product content would be at the center of its transformation. 

    Essential to this transformation was creating a single source of truth for product content that could be used by both the ecommerce and sales teams.

    Ortega knew his team needed to embrace digital transformation and partnered with Salsify to make changes to speed time to market, increase crossfunctional collaboration, and support D2C growth.

    People were grabbing information from multiple sources, and it wouldn't necessarily be the most up-to-date or correct information. This caused miscommunication errors and delays throughout the organization.

    Leonard Ortega, Former Director of Ecommerce

    The Solution

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    Create a Central Source of Truth for Product Content The Califia Farms team used Salsify to centralize its product information, allowing them to easily access, manage, and update content to ensure accuracy across its teams and priority channels. This change has streamlined their go-to market processes, giving them the ability to keep up in the “fast-paced ecosystem” of ecommerce.
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    Leverage First-Party Data to Optimize Content Thanks to its D2C channel, Califia Farms has gathered a wealth of data on its customers' preferences and can use these insights to tailor its offerings, packaging design, and messaging, aligning its product development and product experience with the needs of its core audience.

    Working with Salsify, we now have a single source of truth for all our teams — a key for any organization.” — Leonard Ortega Califia Farms, Former Director of Ecommerce

    Leonard Ortega, Former Director of eCommerce

    The Results

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    400% D2C Sales Increase The Califia Farms team made a significant impact on its D2C ecommerce growth with Salsify. After identifying a strong correlation between products with increased product detail views and conversion, they featured these items on their homepage, leading to an “average of 400% growth in units sold for these products.”
    Improved Speed to Market After using Salsify to create a central source of truth for its product information, Califia Farms can now activate content to marketplaces and other channels more efficiently. Each team can now access the most accurate and up-to-date information without miscommunication errors or delays.

    Our sales team can access the Salsify catalog anytime, anywhere. I’d estimate we save a day of time that would have been spent in a back-and-forth between sales and marketing.

    Leonard Ortega, Former Director of eCommerce

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