Salsify Integrates Channel, Consumer and Context in One Platform

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There is no one-size fits all product page.

Every partner has a different site with different set of requirements that are always changing. The brands that 
rise to the top are those that customize their content for 
every channel.

Using Salsify has accelerated our time to market. It is a huge competitive advantage for us to have the inside lane to get product up and continuously submit improvements where other suppliers are still having to use spreadsheet upload format
Taylor Jones
Director of Digital Marketing

Connect with your entire commerce ecosystem through a single platform

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Publish enhanced content across an extensive retailer network

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Empower your sales and support teams to reach long tail sellers and independent retailers with digital catalogs

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Model and deliver data to align with GDSN standards

Built for thousands of brand manufacturers worldwide.

It took us around two weeks to map out 3,400 products to 9 sales channels. We were especially successful with Amazon and Walmart; the products for those channels were mapped out in less than 3 days.

Brandon Crisp
Brandon Crisp
Data Specialist

Salsify has made it easier to keep up with changes and store information in the best way to deliver to our channel. We can be confident that our products are accurately presented.

Sara Logan
Sara Logan
Ecommerce Operations/PIM and DAM Manager

It used to take us three to four weeks to get onto channels like The Home Depot or Amazon. This new method with Salsify is big time saver and we can now focus on other initiatives and making things stronger across channels.

Orin Borgelt
Orin Borgelt
Chief Technology & Sales Officer
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Know that your data is secure with full encryption and control

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Get access to a rapidly expanding global ecosystem

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Power Continuous Optimization with Market Feedback

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