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    How The Kraft Heinz Company Manages Product Content Optimization for More Than 3,000 SKUs

    The multinational food and beverage company delivers consistent brand experiences across every digital and physical retail channel.

    About The Kraft Heinz Company

    Kraft Heinz is one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies, with more than 20 brands within its family, including Oscar Mayer, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Primal Kitchen, and more. Kraft Heinz focuses on creating high-quality products for its customers worldwide.


    The Challenge

    With more than 3,000 global SKUs sold in thousands of retail locations and through hundreds of ecommerce partners, Kraft Heinz has one of the industry’s most complex ecommerce content supply chains spanning products in 30 different categories.


    The Solution

    Salsify Connects Teams Across the Product Content Lifecycle

    As the system of record for Kraft Heinz product content, the Salsify platform helps connect the work of teams throughout the product content lifecycle, including ecommerce practitioners, content creators, agencies, and regulatory and legal teams that ensure accuracy and compliance.

    Kraft Heinz Creates Customized Digital Shelf Experiences 

    Because digital is an increasingly vital element of in-store shopping experiences, Kraft Heinz customizes many physical and digital shelf experiences to match specific retailer needs during specific times of the year.

    For example, online and in-store promotions for a particular product at a Walmart in Arizona could look very different compared to a Kroger in Pennsylvania. The underlying algorithms that power each retailer’s experience also vary and can be managed in the Salsify platform to help inform the product content optimization process.

    "Today's consumers demand the most up-to-date, highest-quality product details before committing to a purchase. Salsify unlocks content at scale for us as our central source of product truth, with workflows that drive the content development and delivery process across teams and syndication across all our retailer touch points."

    — Halle Herzog, Lead Digital Shelf, The Kraft Heinz Company

    "This [Salsify] automation frees our team to focus on creating content and campaigns that convert more consumers across all digital and physical channels and to think about the future and how we can continue to deliver for our shoppers and customers across the digital shelf."

    Halle Herzog, Lead Digital Shelf, The Kraft Heinz Company

    The Results

    Kraft Heinz Updates Retailer Product Content in Minutes — Not Days

    Salsify helps Kraft Heinz update retailer product content in just minutes — a process that previously took days. This partnership helps Kraft Heinz create best-in-class consumer experiences for its customers and retail partners at scale through optimized and relevant product content across the digital shelf.

    Kraft Heinz Prioritizes Product Content Optimization 

    Using Salsify, the North American digital shelf team can more easily manage the massive volume of updates that come with product seasonality, packaging and marketing changes, innovative launches, and retailer-specific content needs.

    Kraft Heinz is actively working to ensure its family of products is positioned for success both online and in-store. This approach includes managing seasonal and regular business packaging and marketing changes to ensure successful merchandising.

    Enhanced Content Converts Kraft Heinz Shoppers

    Kraft Heinz found that detailed photos, videos, and other enhanced content helps convert shoppers, such as recipes for the Velveeta and Philadelphia brands, detailed nutrition information for a wide range of the Primal Kitchen offerings, and cooking tips for Heinz condiments with Ore-Ida frozen potatoes.

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