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    What Is the Next Gen PXM?

    The Past, Present, and Future of Product Experience Management

    Wow, the world of commerce has changed — and echoing these changes over the past 10 years, product experience management (PXM) has changed too.

    Rob Gonzalez, Salsify's CMO and co-founder, spotlights these changes in his whitepaper, “What Is the Next Gen PXM?” — breaking down how businesses must follow suit to stay ahead or risk falling behind.

    Reluctant organizations risk fulfilling their data’s potential, enabling their teams, reaching necessary channels, and optimizing for growth.

    Download the whitepaper to explore the most pressing drivers of profitability, how your operation needs to evolve, and why successful product experiences — and enterprises — can only be powered by PXM.

    Download the whitepaper to get critical takeaways, including:

    • The pillars of next-generation product experience management; 
    • How PXM powers not just product experiences, but entire enterprises; and
    • Why PXM is necessary for success in the next decade of the digital shelf.

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    Short on time? Download our executive summary for a quick preview of the top takeaways and next steps from our comprehensive whitepaper, "What Is the Next Gen PXM?"

    Discover essential insights on maximizing profitability, evolving your operations, and embracing the future of commerce.