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    Next Gen PXM: The Past, Present, and Future of Product Experience Management

    The digital shelf is more competitive than ever.  As a brand manufacturer, distributor, or retailer,  you need a solution that goes beyond traditional PXM.  Salsify, the leader in Product Experience Management (PXM), is excited to unveil our vision for the next generation of PXM in this webinar based on the new white paper: "What Is the Next Gen PXM?: The Past, Present, and Future of Product Experience Management."

    In this webinar we’ll break down the content of the white paper, giving you deeper insight into:

    • The substantial business landscape shifts - demanding a more powerful PXM approach.

    • How to achieve growth, operational efficiency, and tech stack consolidation – the cornerstones of future commerce success.

    • The 3 central pillars of next-gen PXM: Centralize, Connect, and Automate.

    Watch now to get the insights!

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