Continuously optimize product pages to win the digital shelf

Product pages are a brand's most important marketing asset. To engage customers and deliver impactful product experiences, winning brands are relentless in their efforts to optimize every element of their product pages.

There will always be advancements related to the how data flows for ecommerce businesses and Salsify has kept their finger on the pulse to offer automated solutions to accelerate our efficiencies and help define and deliver on key performance indicators.
Christopher Childs
International Ecommerce Merchandise Manager
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Identify top opportunities to improve product pages and take action

“Salsify Insights helped the ecommerce team encourage our departments to participate in updating content. We show the product marketers Salsify’s Amazon content scorecard and then they asked us, how we can improve our content and when we can update it”
Kelsey Slater Ecommerce Content Manager, ShurTech Tell Me More
Enhanced Content

Enrich the digital experience with Enhanced Content to engage customers and drive conversions

“Our product guys know the perfect material and technique for glove lacing, but today’s challenge is how to show that level of product craftsmanship across multiple retailer platforms so the end consumer can see that quality wherever they shop”
Sally Vandegrift Yeast VP, Customer Experience and Analytics, Rawlings Sporting Goods Company Tell Me More

Chat with customers as they shop on retailer sites like Target and Walmart

“When people chat, good things happen; we’ve seen our revenue per order and per visitor increase drastically, returns rates have decreased, and overall, more satisfied customers when they engage with [Salsify] Chat”
Loren Woodbury Director of Consumer Market Sales, HP Tell Me More

Optimize the Product Experience from a Single Platform