Customize your product experience across every digital touchpoint


Map master product data to retailer attributes to create channel-specific product content

“What’s key for us is while all our product information is in one place in Salsify, we can automatically generate and maintain customized product feeds appropriate to every channel.”
Seth Diamond VP Ecommerce, Drive Medical

Edit data directly in retailer channels to make quick changes to product content


Validate product data against retailer requirements to ensure content readiness

Salsify has pioneered the "syndication as a service" model, which brings the customer prebuilt knowledge of an endpoint's content requirements and format.
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Transform digital assets at scale to meet each retailers’ needs


Generate retailer item setup sheets directly in the application. No spreadsheets required.

[Salsify’s] ability to create channels massively simplifies the process of syndicating content to different websites and internal systems.
Sebo Dapper
Managing Director, J Perkins Distribution