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    Riding the Ecommerce River: Top Amazon Marketing Strategy Tips for Sales Growth

    by: Doug Bonderud
    Riding the Ecommerce River: Top Amazon Marketing Strategy Tips for Sales Growth

    Amazon is a global ecommerce giant that operates in every continent except for Antarctica. 

    This creates both a challenge and an opportunity for brands looking to navigate one of the world’s biggest ecommerce rivers: If companies can stand out from the crowd, they can drive more visitors to their storefronts and boost total sales.

    But if ecommerce marketing isn’t up to the task, brands may struggle to compete for consumer attention and action.

    Here are eight actionable Amazon marketing strategy tips to help your brand thrive the next time you launch an Amazon marketing campaign and beyond.

    More, More, More: The Challenge of Choice

    Search Amazon for just about anything, and you’ll find it. From simple sundries such as pet toys, art supplies, and cleaning products to more out-there options, including pickle-flavored lip balm, bandages that look like bacon, and made-to-order cardboard cutouts of yourself, there’s a plethora of products on Amazon.

    There are also a massive number of storefronts trying to corner their own little section of the market. This means that having a great product isn’t enough on its own. First, you need to drive customers to your storefront.

    After they arrive, you need to keep them interested and encourage them to act. And when they make the move to product and checkout pages, you need to be prepared with simple, speedy, and streamlined purchase processes.

    8 Tips To Improve Amazon Sales Growth

    These Amazon marketing strategy tips can help you stand out from the crowd and achieve great sales on Amazon.

    1. Invest in Video Content

    As noted by animated video production company WyzOwl, consumers are watching 17 hours of video per week, on average. In addition, viewers are 52% more likely to share video content than any other type. 

    For brands on Amazon, this speaks to the power of moving pictures. While text and image remain an essential part of effective marketing, customers are more likely to engage with your brand and share your messaging if it comes in a short video format.

    2. Implement Omnichannel Marketing

    An effective Amazon marketing campaign meets customers where they are. In practice, this means opting for an omnichannel approach that enables easy connection via email, text message, direct message, or even phone calls.

    The data tells the tale — according to conversion rate optimization experts Invespro, companies with an omnichannel approach retain 89% of their customers, compared to 33% without. 

    3. Provide Exceptional Customer Service

    Exceptional customer service drives repeat business. Research from Propel Software finds that 54% of customers would stop using a brand after one bad experience.

    As a result, one less-than-favorable interaction could lose companies half of potential repeat purchasers. Exceptional customer service that includes rapid replies to consumer questions and a focus on issue resolution rather than revenue sets the stage for success.

    4. Price Your Products Competitively

    The right price can drive reliable sales. But how do brands find the ideal price point? This starts with analyzing the competition. What are other stores on Amazon charging for similar products? What sets your product apart, and how much is that worth to consumers?

    It’s also worth noting that customers are now considering generic and discount products over their name-brand counterparts purely because of price.

    Salsify’s “2023 Consumer Research,” which offers a consolidated view of interviewed countries, reports that 63% of shoppers purchase private labels to save money. With this in mind, brands may want to price their products slightly under those of the competition. 

    5. Get to Market Faster With Product Content Syndication

    Posting more content more often can help keep customers engaged. However, creating and distributing new content across omnichannel environments is time- and resource-intensive. 

    Here, brands can benefit from product content syndication solutions that distribute channel-specific product content from a single source of truth.

    6. Keep Track of Your Digital Shelf

    What’s on your digital shelf? What are you selling, how much do you have left, and when are you getting more? This is a critical component of successful Amazon selling — if digital inventories don’t match physical warehouses, you may end up with unexpected stock outs that can frustrate users.

    As noted above, all it takes is a single bad experience to lose a customer. Digital shelf insights tools can help brands manage and monitor digital shelves on demand.

    7. Optimize Product Pages

    Enhanced product content — called A+ content on Amazon — can keep customers coming back. From image galleries to videos to comparison charts and PDFs, great product content can make a significant difference.

    How significant? Product detail pages (PDPs) with enhanced content deliver a 15% higher conversion rate than non-enhanced pages. 

    8. Join the Q&A

    Customers want to know you care about their experience and their concerns. On Amazon, one of the best ways to demonstrate this care and concern is by joining the Q&A chat. By answering customer questions about your product and its features, you can build rapport with your target audience.

    Here’s the caveat: Don’t get defensive. Frustrated customers may lash out, but this doesn’t mean they’re a lost cause; respond with kindness and clear information, and you can bring them back into the fold.

    Hoist the Sales With an Amazon Marketing Strategy 

    Navigating the ebb and flow of Amazon shopping is a challenging task — ensure your Amazon marketing strategy is a strong one.  While the global reach of this ecommerce giant offers massive growth opportunities, it also comes with increasingly stiff competition. 

    By making storefronts easy to create and manage, Amazon has opened the floodgates to businesses hoping to capture their market segment online.

    The result is a plethora of choices for consumers. To get noticed, drive interest, and create sales conversions, start with the eight tips listed above. But remember — Amazon never stops flowing. Regular re-evaluations of marketing strategies are critical to help brands drive sales success.

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    Written by: Doug Bonderud

    Doug Bonderud (he/him) is an award-winning writer with expertise in ecommerce, customer experience, and the human condition. His ability to create readable, relatable articles is second to none.

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