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    Create Engaging Brand Experiences That Win on Amazon

    Shopper expectations are higher than ever. To successfully compete on Amazon, you need to transform your Amazon product pages into full-funnel brand experiences optimized for visibility and conversion — regardless of your selling model.

    With Salsify, manage all the complexities of your digital presence in one integrated platform designed to help you win the algorithm.

    Build Efficiency With Centralized PIM and DAM

    An integrated approach is best for brands focused on the digital shelf. Digital assets and product data should be managed alongside one another with centralized product information management (PIM) and digital asset management (DAM) modules.

    By sharing key functionality across these two modules — including workflows, user permissions, and product taxonomy — they create many opportunities to drive efficiency and can establish a true central source of truth for all of your content.

    Manage all the product data you need to win on Amazon, including Amazon-specific attributes like Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) and vendor codes.

    Leverage Best-in-Class Product Content Syndication

    For every one of your products on Amazon, transform every product page into a full-funnel shopping experience. Seamlessly syndicate core product content — and always know that your content meets Amazon's ever-changing requirements.

    The Salsify direct connection to the Amazon Selling Partner API supports in-app image submission, partial content refresh, and real-time data requirement updates within the Salsify Readiness Report.

    Amazon Selling Partner API FAQ

    Drive Conversion With Enhanced Amazon Product Pages

    Go beyond essential product information and create compelling shopping experiences for your consumers with A+ content. Creating and publishing enhanced product content is easy and scalable across your entire product assortment with the Salsify Enhanced Content Experience Builder.

    The Salsify connection to the Amazon A+ API streamlines publishing, so you’ll see your product content live practically in real-time.

    Streamline 3P Direct Fulfillment with Integrated Inventory and Orders

    Streamline direct fulfillment operations by integrating inventory details from your back office and sending a unified product and inventory feed to the Amazon Marketplace.

    Manage orders at scale directly within Salsify and stay on top of sales trends and stock-out events with our in-app performance reporting.

    Salsify Orders & Inventory currently available to U.S. only.

    Optimize Amazon Product Pages

    It’s not enough to publish your product content to Amazon. You must also optimize your content for improved visibility and increased conversion, which helps you drive market share and secure your margins.

    Track content performance on your product pages, identify opportunities for improvement and monitor risks to your brand — all from the same platform where you already syndicate and manage content.

    Salsify achieved high success with our "game-changing" API integration to Amazon, while remaining customer-centric and willing to enhance our technology to support our Amazon partnership.

    Amazon nominated Salsify to be featured as a success story on its Developer Hub site.

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