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    Salsify's OpenAI Accelerator Eases Product Content Creation With AI

    3 minute read
    by: Salsify
    Salsify's OpenAI Accelerator Eases Product Content Creation With AI

    A new Salsify integration leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to expedite product content creation for brands, retailers, and distributors.

    Salsify launched the Salsify OpenAI Accelerator, an AI-based integration that will help brands, retailers, and distributors scale the creation of product content, saving time and resources. This new integration allows Salsify customers to use generative AI in their product content process within the Salsify platform.

    Why ‘Bad’ Product Content Hurts Sales

    Fifty-five percent of shoppers worldwide say the online shopping experience keeps them loyal to brands they love, according to the Salsify “2023 Consumer Research” report — and 55% of these same shoppers also say that “bad” product content keeps them from making a purchase online.

    For them, a “bad” experience means one with missing or incomplete product information, low-quality product images, and similar product content struggles.

    However, AI-based content generation can help teams quickly create product content, which can be reviewed and validated to ensure content quality and accuracy.

    AI Can Help Brands, Retailers, and Distributors Accelerate Product Content Creation

    Within the Salsify PXM platform, teams can follow three steps to generate content:

    1. Define the language generation prompt with Salsify Workflow.
    2. Dynamically inject contextual data from the Salsify Product Information Management (PIM) solution.
    3. Execute content generation in bulk.

    These capabilities offer a wide range of benefits for Salsify customers — from supporting the efficient use of limited human resources, boosting product page rankings, and expanding customization across sales channels to avoiding product data errors.

    For example, Salsify partner Sitation, a product information management (PIM) implementation firm, announced its integration of the Salsify OpenAI Accelerator into RoughDraftPro, its new suite of generative AI tools. 


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    Salsify OpenAI Accelerator

    Learn more about getting started with the Salsify OpenAI Accelerator, and watch our on-demand webinar to learn how it could help your team accelerate product content creation.


    Written by: Salsify

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