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    Salsify OpenAI Accelerator

    Speed product content creation across your entire product catalog by assigning generative AI a role on the team.

    Salsify customers can assign generative AI a role in their product content process, directly inside the PXM platform. Brands, retailers, and distributors are always up against a clock to deliver relevant and accurate content as quickly as possible across the digital shelf. The Salsify OpenAI Accelerator can save countless hours and help organizations scale while still maintaining the quality, relevance, and accuracy required to convert shoppers to buyers online.

    Salsify OpenAI Accelerator Complements Your Creative Oversight 

    Within the Salsify PXM platform, customers use Workflow to define the language generation prompt, dynamically inject contextual data from Salsify's PIM and execute content generation in bulk, all through our integration with OpenAI. Automatically-generated content is then connected to an organization’s existing workflow, so in-house review processes involving brand teams and legal still take place.

    Salsify OpenAI Accelerator was Built with Composable Principles

    Integrating our PXM platform with generative AI accelerates your product content process with a baseline from which to refine, rather than create from scratch. Salsify’s extensibility provides a straightforward way for this and other capabilities to connect back to a customer’s core product data. Customizable and composable technology stacks that adapt quickly to new market opportunities, like generative AI, give you flexibility and agility. 

    Sitation’s RoughDraftPro Integrates with Salsify PXM

    Salsify partner Sitation used the OpenAI Accelerator to make Salsify the first PXM platform to be integrated into their new suite of Generative AI tools, RoughDraftPro. RoughDraftPro is able to deliver high quality long-form content directly into Salsify by pairing specially-crafted AI prompts with trained data sets, allowing for the creation of product descriptions, feature bullets, and even complex HTML output with astounding speed and scalability.


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    The Benefits of Generative AI for Product Content with Salsify

    • Use limited human resources more efficiently

    • Keep up with the content needs of a broad assortment

    • Improve product results and SEO page rankings


    • Test and learn generative AI with human oversight

    • Expand customization across your sales channels 



    Learn More about OpenAI Accelerator and RoughDraftPro

    In this webinar, you'll hear from Salsify experts and Steve Engelbrecht, Founder and CEO at Sitation, share first hand demonstrations and you'll learn more about the speed and agility generative AI can bring to your business.

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