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    February 5, 2020
    2 minute read

    Case Study: Home Goods Brand Reached Triple-Digit Growth Within 3 Months Using Insights | Salsify

    by: Salsify

    A midsize home goods provider that markets more than 70 well-known brands to over 30 retailers revamped its digital strategy in 2019 — resulting in a year-over-year sales increase well over 200% in a single quarter. 

    With an average annual revenue of $30 million and thousands of products launching online, the home goods seller needed a centralized plan to manage its product information, making it accessible to dozens of people across multiple departments.

    Turn Insights Into Action

    Its team took a scaled approach to content management, starting with a single brand and channel. They selected a subset of top-selling products using Salsify Insight reports. These reports give brands a holistic view of product performance, giving them visibility into brand compliance, share of search, and MAP violations,  as well as search engine optimization (SEO) recommendations and a product page grader aligned with industry best practices.

    After identifying their top products, the team then mapped out information silos and product data needs across the organization. They also identified key stakeholders and chose a baseline for online product information. The team quickly learned that using rich media elements like video and images helped convey brand value and boost sales online.

    Clear Focus Led to Triple-Digit Growth

    In a single month with this strategy, the company saw more than 150% year-over-year sales growth. By the end of the quarter, the total growth year-over-year difference was more than 200%.

    The team has plans to expand this strategy of incorporating rich media on top-selling SKUs to each of its channels. 

    The majority of consumers (69%) say the primary reason they abandon product pages is a lack of information or detail, according to our 2019 consumer research report. Salsify’s Enhanced Content capabilities help brands stand out on the digital shelf, enabling them to create enhanced content at scale across multiple channels quickly.

    By using video, 360-degree image spins, comparison charts, graphics, and other rich media, brands can deliver the experiences customers demand. These capabilities have helped many brands increase conversion online by 10% in most categories.

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