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    Winning Product Detail Page Examples: Top Electronics Brands

    May 1, 2023
    9 minute read
    Winning Product Detail Page Examples: Top Electronics Brands

    For electronics brands, deciding what to include on your product display pages (PDPs) can be tricky, as there are often long lists of product details that could overload a PDP.

    But keep this in mind: The majority (55%) of global consumers won't complete a purchase if the product page has "bad" product content, which includes missing information and low-quality product images, according to Salsify's "2023 Consumer Research" report.

    Content must be consistent across all channels and tailored to every audience. What works for casual electronics shoppers may vary for more in-the-know, tech-savvy consumers.

    Create content that is easy for all to understand, while including specialized, nitty-gritty details in digestible ways.

    3 Winning Electronics Brands 

    Enhanced content showcases, explains, and educates consumers on product features using highly visual and in-depth image galleries, videos, downloadable PDFs, comparison charts, and more.

    Such below-the-fold content is essential for high-involvement purchases, like electronics, and has been shown to increase conversion by an average of 15% across categories, according to Salsify internal data.

    There are many ways to make the most of your PDPs. Here are some additional out-of-the-box ideas from three winning companies that electronics brands should be maximizing.

    1. VTech 

    The children and baby technology brand uses its brand landing page on Amazon as a colorful, helpful, and engaging toy guide. Parents or gift-givers can browse products by age, new releases, and favorite characters. This directive entryway into shopping helps streamline the (sometimes confusing) toy-giving process.

    Highlight Key Product Attributes in Detail

    Consumers aren’t nose-deep in your products. They don’t know them as well as you. “Easy-hold stylus” might sound intuitive, but VTech explains the product feature further by including a “how it works” section, as well as in its product demo video.

    Emphasizing this seemingly small feature shows how the product is superior to other brands and is more enticing to the consumer. 

    • Better: Six or more bullet points to explain products
    • Best: Below-the-fold space that dives deeper into stand-out product attributes using detailed copy and videos

    Video Source: LeapFrog YouTube

    Add to Shopping Fun With Rollover Product Storytelling

    Take the interactivity of enhanced content a step further by presenting a rollover image gallery. Not quite a carousel, the rollover shows grayed-out thumbnails along the bottom, which come into color as the shopper moves her mouse over each. The image and corresponding explanatory copy above change. 

    • Better: Eight or more click-through images
    • Best: Interactive image galleries with side-by-side explanations

    Allow Consumers to Get Up Close

    Some images and copy are too small for consumers to see — especially on mobile devices. By equipping your enhanced content with the ability for consumers to view images larger, they will be able to view tiny electronics features like buttons, plug holes, and speaker output.

    • Better: Image galleries
    • Best: Close-up views of product angles and features

    2. Scosche

    As a maker of vehicle phone mounts, dash cameras, and transmitters, Scosche knows its niche audience well.

    On their Amazon storefront, they tout themselves as “gearheads, drivers, surfers, racers, riders, and tech buffs,” effectively using copy to make their products and brand aspirational and cool.

    Demonstrate Your Products’ Practical Applications With How-To Content

    Scosche uses brand images to highlight practical and desirable ways consumers would want to (but may not think to) use the products. Giving a variety of end-uses adds value to the product and helps justify consumer investment by improving cost-per-use.

    • Better: Standard product images
    • Best: How-to image galleries, videos, and PDF downloads

    Video Source: Scosche YouTube

    Guide Consumers With Comparison Charts 

    Products, especially within the electronics and technology categories, can seem confusingly similar to consumers. Many casual buyers won’t know the technical nuances that may make a product better quality or more expensive.

    Don’t force consumers to toggle back and forth from one PDP to another. Show them even the most minuscule differences between gadgets using a comparison chart.

    These charts also allow you to control which products get compared to your own, as opposed to the retailer-provided c charts that show products from across multiple brands.  

    • Better: Bullets explaining what sets a product apart
    • Best: Comparing products from your own catalog side-by-side in chart form

    Repeat, Repeat, Repeat 

    When shopping, many consumers merely scan the page for key product details. Make their shopping research easier by showing relevant information in multiple places: in the bullets above-the-fold, and below-the-fold in additional bullets, image galleries, and editorialized content. 

    • Better: Plenty of product descriptors in the bullets
    • Best: Repeating key features multiple times throughout the PDP

    3. Cobra Electronics 

    Cobra recognizes consumers aren’t in the market for their high-grade walkie-talkies and radar detectors every day, which is why they make their written, image, and video content work hard to explain the technical nuances and end-use benefits on every PDP.

    Identify Important Parts and Buttons With a Product Features Map

    Quick-start guides are helpful to consumers but are typically only outlined in the instruction manual. Instead of making consumers wait to understand the product fully, display a product features map on the product page.

    It can be as simple as a head-on image and arrows pointing to each button, port, and display screen. Consumers will appreciate familiarizing themselves with the product before it’s even in their hands. 

    • Better: Bullets that reference key features 
    • Best: Illustrating important buttons, ports, screens, and features with a product map

    Clearly Outline What Comes in the Box 

    Electronics brands must let the consumer know exactly what they should expect to receive, so they don’t buy duplicative adaptors or power cords. 

    • Better: Including parts list inside the box
    • Best: Informing consumers of what to expect before purchase

    Showcase How the Product’s App Adds to the Ownership Experience 

    Reinforce the product’s added value by walking shoppers through the corresponding app and its purpose, usability, and added value. Get consumers excited to download the app immediately, begin tinkering with it, and build anticipation for when the product arrives. 

    • Better: Having an app
    • Best: Touting app benefits before purchase to show at-home uses and functions

    Drive Digital Shelf Growth

    The digital shelf is constantly changing. And to keep up with these changes, brands must create consistent and tailored content across the digital shelf to drive engagement, leveraging enhanced content to support conversion.

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