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    Get Ready for Holiday 2018 Amazon Lightning Deals Due September 21

    September 10, 2018
    5 minute read
    Get Ready for Holiday 2018 Amazon Lightning Deals Due September 21

    As if you couldn’t already feel the pulsating pressure… here’s a reminder: Q4 is mere weeks away. Even sooner is a very important deadline. September 21, which is when applications are due for Amazon Lightning Deals.

    Why bother? The exposure is unbeatable. For a few hours (as determined by Amazon), your product gets the front-and-center treatment across various Amazon locations. On top of that, you’ll be in good company. Amazon only approves the hottest, most exciting offers with the inventory to support substantial demand.

    If you’re looking for added brand and product exposure on any day in Q4, and especially on the coveted Black Friday weekend dates and Cyber Monday (who isn’t?), double-check or start your submission paperwork now.


    When is the Deadline for Amazon Holiday Lightening Deals?

    According to a note distributed by Amazon through Seller Central, vendors and sellers have until September 21 to file their paperwork for Lightning Deals consideration.

    Who can participate in Amazon Holiday Lightening Deals?

    Both vendors and professional, third-party sellers (with at least 5 Seller Feedback Ratings per month and an overall rating of at least 3.5-stars) are eligible. Vendors select a product from their catalog and submit through their portal. For professional sellers, Amazon picks the product and then the sellers submit paperwork via the application process. Amazon will inform the seller if their product is ultimately chosen.

    Which products are eligible for Amazon Holiday Lightening Deals?

    Amazon sums up the requirements with this list:

    • Have a sales history and at least a 3-star rating on Amazon
    • Include many variations (meaning as many color ways, sizes, and options as possible)
    • Don’t pitch a restricted product or offensive, embarrassing or inappropriate product
    • Ensure it’s Prime eligible in all states, including Puerto Rico
    • Must be in New Condition

    Also keep in mind, Amazon will select products that get consumers excited. Choose your most enticing items. Also offer products with deep and wide inventory. Amazon notes that “deals with greater available quantity and inventory may also have an advantage in being selected.”

    How do I Submit for an Amazon Lightning Deal?

    If your product(s) meet the requirements above, and you’re comfortable with the fees below, then go ahead and log onto your vendor or seller dashboard. From there, head to the Lightning Deals dashboard and go to the Create tab.

    Select your preferred run date. (Per Amazon: If you don't see the event in the Schedule drop down, your ASIN currently does not meet the criteria to be considered for the event.) Even if it turns out the big selling days are not available to you, still opt for an open day. All exposure of this level will be positive.

    Then, enter the required details of max price and max quantity and submit!

    If selected, your run date and time will appear on your dashboard at least one week out.

    What does it cost to participate?

    Expect fees to be higher than normal for every day in Q4, with the highest fees for products selected to run on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is to ensure only the best pitches are submitted by brands.

    As a point of reference for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, during Prime Day 2018, Lightning Deals fees ran $750 per product. This is significantly more than the everyday $150 per product, but the consumer exposure is unmatched.

    Brands are charged only when the product has successfully run. When creating the deal request, the fee amount will be displayed next to the Submit button.

    Even if your product doesn’t perform well, you’ll still be charged. But if you follow our product page tips, this won’t be a worry.

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