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    Salsify Enhanced Content

    Salsify Enhanced Content offers a unified solution for brands to build and publish authentic, engaging below-the-fold brand experiences that increase conversion rates.

    Create and Publish Engaging Enhanced Brand Content

    • Getting Consumers To Convert Is Difficult

      Shoppers have many choices when it comes to the products they purchase, and they expect to see multiple pieces of content on a product page to inform their decision. Brands need to build out product pages that go beyond the essential product content and are content-rich and informative.

    • Publish Below-the-Fold Content To Retail Destinations

      Publish rich media content to priority retail endpoints with our fast-growing Salsify Enhanced Content network.

    • Salsify Enhanced Content Transforms Brand Product Pages Into Brand Experiences

      Publish engaging product content, including video, images, 360-degree views, comparison charts, and more, below the fold on product detail pages (PDPs) to drive conversion.

    Execute an Enhanced Content Strategy at Scale Across an Entire Product Portfolio

    • It’s Challenging and Time-Consuming to Publish Enhanced Content for Multiple Products or to Multiple Destinations

      Without a solution like Salsify, brands don’t have a way to publish enhanced content in bulk.

    • Execute Multi-Channel Enhanced Content Strategies in Bulk Across Your Entire Product Portfolio

      Centralize product content and eliminate the need to search through multiple sources to compile the information required to build engaging product pages that drive conversion.

    • Build a Single Source of Truth for Product Content

      Build engaging product pages that drive conversion leveraging a centralized source of truth for product information.

    Create and Publish Brand Experiences That Feel Like an Authentic Extension of the Brand

    • Building Enhanced Content Layouts Is Difficult

      It’s challenging to imagine what product pages will look like once content is published — and it’s hard to identify whether or not the attributes meet the retail requirements. 

    • Save Resources Creating Below-the-Fold Layouts

      Efficiently build, publish, and optimize enhanced content layouts.

    • Drag and Drop Content Into Custom Templates 

      Leverage the interactive functionality of our experience builder, which offers the ability to see what content will look like on product pages before they're published. Create layouts that tell brand stories best and optimize them to drive conversion.

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    The Salsify Commerce Experience Management (CommerceXM) Platform is the foundation for every Salsify solution. It powers our network of brands and retailers who collaborate to build exceptional experiences that drive digital shelf success.

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