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5 Takeaways from B2B Next 2018

By Caroline Egan on 9:00 AM on October 2, 2018

Dozens of business leaders and technology partners were featured as part of B2B Next’s inaugural conference in Chicago to discuss the challenges and opportunity of the insurgence of digital commerce in the B2B space. Hundreds of brand manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors met to discuss the topic “Reinventing Business for a Digital-First Economy.” The conference emphasized that the time for traditional B2B brand manufacturers to digitize their buying journey is now, and is growing faster than anticipated. Check out our 5 takeaways from the conference below:

The ROI of PXM: Using PIM, Syndication and Analytics to Transform Your Digital Business

By Nasry Angel on 10:29 AM on September 13, 2018

Earlier this year Salsify commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment companies may realize by deploying Salsify’s Product Experience Management (PXM) platform. The study provides a much-needed framework you can use to evaluate the potential financial impact a technology investment could have on your organization. Brand leaders often ask us what benefits they can expect from their first few years using Salsify. We wanted to provide answers that came from a trusted third-party source that they could share back with their C-Suite and other decision makers in the organization.

5 Ways to Use Digital Catalogs

By Caroline Egan on 8:18 AM on August 29, 2018

The Digital Catalog is often described as a digitized version of a print catalog: but it’s more than that. It allows brand manufacturers, their teams, and distributors to have access to up-to-date, accurate product content that is readily available and it’s easy to use. Salsify’s digital catalog is easy to update and use a channel to publish to that is not a static webpage. It is an incredibly powerful tool for your organization: it allows you to create custom catalogs on fly, filter products based on certain attributes, showcase your products to sales representatives in a clean, easy to use manner, provide access to product information to your entire organization. In short, digital catalogs should be a critical tool in your commerce toolkit.

How I Did It: Eaton Lighting Empowers Sales Team & Customers with Digital Catalogs

By Caroline Egan on 10:00 AM on August 27, 2018

As a leader in the power management industry for over a century, Eaton has been powering businesses worldwide across over 175 countries in a variety of verticals. It’s Lighting Division, which delivers a range of innovative and reliable indoor and outdoor lighting and controls solutions serving customers in the commercial, industrial, retail, institutional, residential and utility markets, has innovated the century old’s buyer’s journey by going digital. Eaton Lighting saw an internal and external need to meet the changing demands of digital commerce. In 2017 Eaton Lighting created an Ecommerce team to drive digital sales on their Direct-to-Consumer site.

4 Common PIM Pitfalls and How to Overcome Them

By Maria Lisac-Ramirez on 9:08 AM on August 17, 2018

Product information management (PIM) tools are common, but they usually fall short in helping brands deliver the consistently optimized online shopping experiences that shoppers demand today. With PIM’s primary focus centered around master data management, they fail to address the information needs of modern commerce, making it difficult for brands to optimize their digital content to better serve the wants of content-driven consumers, and the requirements of the various retailers in the space.

How Soft-Tex®’s Director of Digital Marketing Won New Business & Fueled Growth

By Caroline Egan on 9:00 PM on August 9, 2018

For over three decades, Soft-Tex® has been manufacturing and distributing specialty sleep products with an aim to incorporate the latest sleep technologies to the basic bedding industry. Founded by Art and Harold Perry, Soft-Tex has 7 brands selling across numerous retailers. With increasing competition in the bedding market, Soft-Tex found themselves needing a more impactful but simplified approach to ecommerce and working with their retailers.

Five Tips From A Salsify Expert: Driving Efficiency in the Digital Age

By Caroline Egan on 4:19 PM on July 24, 2018

According to a new study by Panopto, inefficient knowledge sharing cost the average large US business $47 million per year. The study also found that 60 percent of respondents found it difficult or nearly impossible to obtain vital information to their job from colleagues. Ecommerce relies on institutional knowledge sharing to ensure product information is accurate, up to date and can drive sales across sales channels. The inability to work efficiently and collaboratively cross-departmental impacts businesses of all sizes.

How a Smart Data Feed Grows Sales

By Salsify on 9:00 AM on June 20, 2018

How would you describe your brand’s process of pushing product pages live: Poor, Fair, or Excellent? If you didn’t answer “Excellent,” it’s time to review your product data feed. Increased sales are out there for the taking.

Salsify's Key Takeaways from 2018 Forrester PIM Wave Report

By Nasry Angel on 5:10 PM on June 18, 2018

The much anticipated 2018 Forrester PIM Wave has just published. While it's hot off the presses here are my key takeaways from the report as well as some highlights on Forrester’s evaluation of Salsify. In an additional post I discuss our point of view on PIM and how it fits in with modern commerce requirements.

Salsify's Point of View on the PIM Analyst Report

By Nasry Angel on 5:04 PM on June 18, 2018

I shared our key takeaways from the 2018 Forrester PIM Wave in an earlier post. The most important buying criteria for PIM Software buyers is time to value. In this post I discuss which specific factors drive faster time to value as well as what additional components beyond PIM, an effective digital commerce workflows requires.


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