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    January 20, 2021
    3 minute read

    Salsify Launches Innovative Partner Program to Drive Digital Shelf Excellence Globally

    by: Dan Herman

    The commerce landscape in 2020 forced brand manufacturers to shift their priorities and accelerate digital shelf transformation to meet market and buyer demands. It became painfully clear that the strategy required to win on the digital shelf is different from what worked in brick-and-mortar.

    But such an acceleration can only happen when brands take advantage of the best technologies and expertise available. The agility gained from this approach is essential for finding success in a continually evolving commerce landscape.

    Today, we launched the Salsify Partner Program for agencies, systems integrators, and consultancies to enable the unprecedented growth and success of the ecosystem ushering in this digital shelf era.

    Technology, Tools, and Expertise to Drive Results

    The Salsify Partner Program empowers partners to build their practice and grow a profitable business. It offers three tiered levels: registered, silver, and gold. Each tier has a range of benefits commensurate with the partner’s level of commitment.

    All program members can access the Salsify Certification Program, an in-depth education and training program, helping technical staff develop expertise with the Salsify Commerce Experience Management (CommerceXM) platform.

    There is also a wide range of opportunities, including co-marketing initiatives like case studies, demand generation support, and public relations activities; dedicated enablement and support resources; access to networking and educational activities; and much more.

    Moving at the Speed of Commerce

    We're thrilled to see partners rapidly scaling their Salsify practice in response to growing demand and the integral role they are playing in our customers’ success.

    “Salsify continues to be one of our most effective technology partners when it comes to ensuring that joint clients can onboard quickly and effectively while simultaneously setting them up for long-term success,” says John Phan, chief revenue officer at Amplifi.

    “These new resources being offered in the expanded partner program will be a boon to our continued work with Salsify, driving digital shelf excellence across our shared client base,” Phan says.

    Register now for our first-ever Virtual Partner Summit: Digital Shelf Delivery. Join our community to uncover actionable insights about the immense market opportunity waiting for partners.


    Dan Herman is the senior vice president of partners and alliances at Salsify. He leads all channel partnership activity for the company, including strengthening existing and securing new relationships with retail, agency, and consultancy partners. Herman joined Salsify in 2018 through the acquisition of Welcome Commerce, where he was co-founder, president, and CEO.

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