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    Salsify Commerce Experience Management Platform

    The continuously adaptive Commerce Experience Management Platform purpose-built for the Digital Shelf.

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    Salsify + Alkemics

    The combined capabilities of Salsify and Alkemics make the Salsify Commerce Experience Management platform (CommerceXM) the only continuously adaptive system of record and workflow for brands and retailers to collaborate on winning product experiences for the digital shelf.

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    of U.S. retail sales will be digitally influenced by 2023
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    projected online retails sales of physical goods by 2024
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    of retail store sales influenced by smart phones in the United States by 2021
    Moving at the Speed of Commerce “By 2022, organizations using multiple go-to-market approaches for digital commerce will outperform non-commerce organizations by 30 percentage points in sales growth,” according to Gartner’s prediction.* Learn More
    Accelerating Your Modern Commerce Capability & Building a Digital Shelf Team You need modern and flexible commerce capabilities to keep up with the pace of change. Learn More
    bluelinewideA single digital touchpoint can make or break your brand’s opportunity for consideration, purchase, or endorsement.bluelinewide

    Salsify CommerceXM Platform

    Salsify CommerceXM is organized into 3 fully integrated components:

    Workflows & Digital Shelf Analytics
    What makes CommerceXM unique is that these components are tightly integrated by Workflows and Digital Shelf Analytics that tie processes, events, and responses together across the rest of the platform. Tight coupling is key to agile response on the digital shelf.bluelinewide


    Salsify CommerceXM Wheel@4x


    A comprehensive, integrated suite of capabilities to win on the digital shelf

    Manage Centralize and manage commerce data & brand
    Activate Activate that content and experiences across both retailer and D2C channels
    Engage Engage shoppers with compelling commerce experiences and power transactions wherever they shop
    Optimize Continuously optimize content and experiences for discovery and conversion

    I on-boarded Salsify with two different companies and Salsify just keeps getting better and better. I lean on Salsify; from their support team to my onboarding team to my account managers. Salsify is with me every step of the way ensuring goals and KPI’s are met.

    Sheri Stoller, Director of E-Commerce, Trilliant Food & Nutrition

    We originally picked three systems, this one system could do what three others were doing better than they could perform their individual functions.

    Sam Insogna, Chief Digital Officer - The Scylla Group

    the scylla group logo

    Because we’ve become so good at using Salsify for syndication and content management we have been able to build strong relationships with our retailers. They keep coming back for more and differentiating our business from the competition.

    Nick Jones, Digital Operations Manager - Libbey

    libbey logo white

    Since working at Mars for a year, Salsify has been my favorite part of my job. I actually look forward to using it every day.

    Katherine Buharina, Digital Content Manager - Mars Royal Canin

    mars royal canin logo

    Salsify made me a digital transformation champion. We had an existing PIM but it didn’t automate our ecommerce operations effectively across multiple different systems. Salsify constantly pushes my company towards innovation.

    Arthur Werner, Director Global E-commerce & Operations - Harman

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    An omnichannel commerce platform built ground-up
    for the digital shelf.

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