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    Salsify Open Catalog Launches to Combat ‘Walled Gardens’ for Brands and Retailers

    3 minute read
    Salsify Open Catalog Launches to Combat ‘Walled Gardens’ for Brands and Retailers

    Salsify Open Catalog empowers open collaboration between brands and retailers to help extend their reach on the digital shelf and combat “walled gardens.”

    Today, Salsify launched Salsify Open Catalog, a free, open, and standardized product content library for brands and retailers built to combat “walled gardens,” fee-based proprietary content onboarding portals.

    Salsify's Open Catalog supports closer collaboration between brands and retailers, helping both groups avoid these often restrictive and expensive walled gardens.

    Extending Digital Shelf Reach for Brands and Retailers

    Shopping experiences are important for modern consumers, with 46% of U.S. shoppers indicating they will choose not to purchase a product online if not enough information or details are provided, according to the Salsify “Consumer Research 2022” report.

    This concern for information extends globally, with 46% of shoppers in Great Britain, 45% of shoppers in France, and 44% of shoppers in Germany indicating the same shopping aversion.

    These actions will enable unprecedented collaboration and information exchange between brands and retailers, allowing them to expand the reach of their product content. Salsify Open Catalog empowers brands to extend their reach on the digital shelf by supporting two critical actions:

    • First, brands can publish product content to Salsify Open Catalog.
    • Second, retailers can pull product content from Salsify Open Catalog.

    It will help brands eliminate manual processes, maintain control of their brand identity, and win new audiences with minimal effort. It will help retailers build better consumer experiences, move at the speed of ecommerce, and build better supplier collaboration.

    Breaking Down Barriers for Brands and Retailers

    The launch of Salsify Open Catalog marks a significant step for Salsify toward an open commerce experience network. More than 2,800 brands have already syndicated product content to the catalog since its launch for select brands, with over 90,000 SKUs represented across 15 vertical groups.

    Now, any Salsify brand customer can publish content to Salsify's Open Catalog for free, and access will expand to non-customers by the end of the year. Any retailer in the grocery, alcoholic beverages, and petcare categories can now also pull content from Salsify Open Catalog for free, with access expanding to retailers in other categories throughout the year.

    Learn more about getting started with Salsify Open Catalog, and take steps toward a future of collaboration and information exchange — without the challenges of walled gardens.

    Download the Salsify report, “Breaking Down the Barriers to Winning Commerce,” to learn more about overcoming the market challenges for delivering winning digital shelf experiences.



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