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    Salsify Open Catalog

    Salsify Open Catalog is a free, open, and standardized product catalog that makes content collaboration easier, faster, and more accurate for the entire ecommerce industry.

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    Leverage Faster, Easier Content Collaboration To Maximize Sell Time

    • The Current Ways of Working Aren’t Working

      With the exception of the largest retailers in ecommerce, the sharing of product content between brands and retailers is a highly manual process — with downstream sales implications that far exceed unnecessary resource costs. The process of getting content from the brand to the retailer is so inefficient that pallets of physical product often get to the retailer’s distribution center weeks before a few megabytes of product data makes it into their system.

    • A Free and Open Product Catalog for Faster Collaboration

      Salsify Open Catalog is a free and open product catalog that centralizes on a single, standardized data set and method of exchange to make content collaboration easier, faster, and more accurate for both brands and retailers. Brands can use this single method of transfer to easily and quickly syndicate their product content to multiple retailers at once for new item setup or a content refresh. Retailers can efficiently source up-to-date content directly from brands via an API, a SFTP, or a manual UI export.

    • Get to Market Faster — And Spend More Time Selling

      Salsify Open Catalog’s standardized product data set makes it much easier and faster for brands to share — and retailers to receive — up-to-date product content, ultimately streamlining the internal processes on both sides. Instead of spending their time in spreadsheets, brands and retailers can spend more time building better customer experiences by getting to market faster with up-to-date, accurate product information.


    Benefits for Brand Manufacturers

    • Eliminate Manual Processes

      Streamline your internal processes and eliminate inefficient back-and-forth communication with Salsify Open Catalog. Salsify Open Catalog is a zero-cost solution that makes the distribution of accurate product information to all but the largest retail channels faster and easier — ensuring every retailer you work with has the up-to-date content they need, while saving you time and effort.

    • Maintain Control of Your Brand Experience

      Ensure a consistent brand experience anywhere and everywhere. Retailers and their partners rely on Salsify Open Catalog to enhance or replace their existing product information with accurate and up-to-date content sourced directly from brand manufacturers.

    • Win New Audiences With Minimal Effort

      Keep up with the continually changing digital shelf. Salsify Open Catalog removes operational barriers to syndicating product information to a growing network of retailers and next-generation retail platforms — allowing you to more easily tell your brand story to new audiences and drive more revenue.

      Currently, access to Salsify Open Catalog is limited to U.S. Salsify customers, but we’ll be opening this offering up to all brands throughout 2022.

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    Over 2,800 Brands are in
    Salsify Open Catalog

    Benefits for Retailers

    • Build Better Consumer Experiences

      Salsify Open Catalog leverages our industry-leading commerce experience management (CommerceXM) platform to help you easily and quickly keep your product pages up to date with accurate, maintained product information sourced directly from brands.

    • Move at the Speed of Ecommerce

      Top off or refresh existing listings with the highest-quality content, resulting in more sales and fewer returns. For new SKUs, quickly set up items weeks ahead of your usual content collection processes — providing you with more time in market to drive higher sales.

    • Achieve Better Supplier Collaboration

      Eliminate manual back-and-forth communication. Salsify Open Catalog is a zero-cost solution that makes the collection of product information from multiple brands faster and easier. Our real-time, standardized data set allows for highly efficient and accurate processing — resulting in more time in market and less time in emails.

      Currently, Salsify Open Catalog is available to all retailers in the grocery, alcoholic beverages, and pet care verticals, and we’ll be introducing new verticals throughout 2022.

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    Many Retail Recipients Pull from
    Salsify Open Catalog

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