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    August 12, 2022
    3 minute read

    Salsify Certification Program Launches Workflow Training

    by: Salsify

    The Salsify Certification program launches the Salsify Workflow Essentials and Workflow Administration learning paths to help customers and partners drive operational efficiency.

    The Salsify Certification program just launched two new learning paths focused on Salsify Workflow to help Salsify customers and partners get the most out of the feature, which allows teams to streamline and simplify the product launch and update process.

    The Salsify Certification program provides in-depth education and training on a wide range of Salsify platform components for Salsify customers and partners. Each complementary learning path ends with a comprehensive skills assessment that awards a certificate upon successful completion.

    Learn more about the Salsify Workflow Essentials and Workflow Administration learning paths, and get started on your Salsify Certification program journey.

    Introducing: Salsify Workflow Essentials

    The Salsify Workflow Essentials learning path consists of four courses and a skills assessment — and explores Salsify Workflow at its most basic level for customers and partners who are new to the feature.

    At the end of this learning path, users will be able to answer their most pressing Salsify Workflow questions:

    • What are the most critical Salsify Workflow concepts?
    • Why are tasks important?
    • How can I find, filter, and complete tasks?
    • What are the different types of tasks — and what actions can I take on these tasks?
    • When should I edit tasks in bulk — and how do I do it?


    Introducing: Salsify Workflow Administration

    The Salsify Workflow Administration learning path consists of seven courses and a skills assessment — and breaks down the basics of planning, designing, and building workflows at an administrator level.

    At the end of this learning path, users will be able to answer their most pressing Salsify Workflow questions:

    • What are the available Salsify Workflow task types — and how do they work in action?
    • How can I best plan, design, and build workflows?
    • How can I best manage workflows?


    Become a Salsify Champion

    The Salsify Certification program currently offers several learning paths for customers and partners, including Salsify Foundations, Salsify Product Information Management (PIM), and Salsify Syndication.

    More learning paths are in development to continually provide valuable training and skills assessments as well as create Salsify champions who have a comprehensive understanding of Salsify solutions.

    With the Salsify Certification program, Salsify customers and partners can learn how to get the most out of Salsify. Get started on your next certification — and don’t forget to share your certificate on LinkedIn.



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