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    January 20, 2021
    4 minute read

    Salsify Announces New Customer and Partner Certification Program

    by: Salsify

    Salsify continues to scale our customer support and success services to ensure that we're a primary partner in our customers' efforts to achieve their goals. To this end, we're excited to announce the launch of the Salsify Customer and Partner Certification Program.

    We designed this program to provide in-depth education and training across the various components of the Salsify Commerce Experience Management (CommerceXM) platform.

    The program combines several self-paced virtual learning paths, classroom and workshop trainings, and direct coaching from Salsify trainers.

    Those who complete the program will be equipped to lead their teams in succeeding with Salsify and their digital shelf programs with utmost agility and effectiveness.

    Starting With Salsify PIM Certification

    We plan to roll out certification paths for every product line within the Salsify CommerceXM platform.

    We are starting this roll out with an administration certification for product information management (PIM), which will immediately be available to all customers. The course path will cover core use PIM cases and how to set up and configure the platform to optimize global and local PIM initiatives.Salsify Certificate of Completion PIM Certification Example

    Supporting Global Growth

    This launch follows other recent milestones in the growth of Salsify’s support services, including upgrading our support technology and architecture and hiring former Salesforce chief customer officer Mike Milburn as president in September 2020.

    It's also an extension of existing educational resources that customers have been leveraging, including FAQs, knowledge bases, and tutorials, which have been very well received.

    Gain Agility and Flexibility to Meet Modern Commerce Demands

    "The training and educational resources offered by Salsify have consistently been one of the major factors in our continued success with their technology platform," says Colleen Creese, eBusiness national account manager at JELD-WEN, Inc.

    "Those resources have helped our team become even more self-sufficient, resulting in a level of agility and flexibility required to succeed on today's digital shelf," Creese says.

    "Salsify's training courses are quick, easy to follow, and help you to unlock the power of Salsify," says Greg Pace, manager of ecommerce marketing, PIM and content syndication, at Kraft Heinz.

    "The simplicity of these courses is a testament to the Salsify product team who have made a straightforward, yet powerful interface for managing your content on the digital shelf," Pace says.

    The Digital Shelf Opportunity

    The digital shelf presents one of the most exciting — and potentially overwhelming — opportunities for brands in this new decade.

    Those seeking to carve out great careers for themselves and success for their brands need world-class support and resources to ensure their digital shelf programs are not just successful but lead the way in their respective industries.

    Salsify customers can learn more about the certification program and get started for free — helping them lead the way on the digital shelf.


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