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    August 4, 2022
    2 minute read

    How Can Retailers and Brands Build Better Relationships? [Download]

    by: Salsify

    The line between retailers and brands will continue to blur for consumers, making close collaboration essential to meet the needs of modern shoppers.



    There are many examples of successful brand and retailer collaborations, including a partnership in 2020 between global brand giant Levi’s and U.S. retailer Target that helped both groups leverage the impressive (and loyal) customer base each organization offers.

    These partnerships can help organizations share resources, offer unique customer insights, and expand brand discovery. Together, organizations can overcome some of the biggest commerce challenges facing retailers and brands today.

    Central to these partnerships are shopping experiences. As customers move from discovery to evaluation to delivery on their shopping journeys, the experience must be engaging, consistent, and clear.

    Winning Shopping Experiences Are Crucial

    For retailers and brands worldwide, product information and images are crucial to supporting these journeys. Think with Google reports that 85% of global shoppers list these elements as "important" for making buying decisions — which highlights how collaborating to build engaging shopping experiences can mutually benefit retailers and brands alike.


    5 Steps for Building Stronger Brand and Retailer Relationships

    Salsify has created “The Complete Guide to Brand and Retailer Collaboration” to help brands and retailers worldwide learn the five foundational steps for building stronger relationships that support engaging shopping experiences across the digital shelf, including how to:

    • Assess current and evolving shopping trends;
    • Capture and evaluate crucial sales data;
    • Build stronger communication channels;
    • Align messaging across touch points; and
    • Optimize product page experiences.

    Learn how shopper demands have shifted — including tips for how to navigate growing shopping trends — and understand why digital transformation is critical for meeting these evolving shopper requirements.


    Blog Banner The Complete Guide to Brand and Retailer Collaboration

    The Complete Guide to Brand and Retailer Collaboration

    Download the guide to learn how stronger brand and retailer relationships can help your commerce team keep up with the shifting needs of modern shoppers.

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