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    October 10, 2018

    Conversion Optimization for Product Pages | Salsify

    by: Amber Sinicrope

    Standing out the digital shelf requires engaging images, videos, and marketing content that speaks to shoppers' concerns and tells your brand story. On many retailers pages, this means going beyond providing the minimum amount of data for a product page listing and investing in the enhanced content -- also known as A+ content or rich media -- that your retailer partners allow below the fold.

    Enhanced content drives higher conversions. Leading online retailers have discovered that enhanced content can increase conversions up to 36 percent. Enhanced content has been shown to drive higher revenue per shopping cart, increased time spent on product detail page, and better brand recall from shoppers.

    Scale the reach and impact of your enhanced content with Salsify. We are the first PXM platform to power the creation and syndication of enhanced content across Amazon and Walmart. Our new enhanced content editor lets marketing and brand managers easily create layouts for hundreds of SKUs in bulk, each with unique content that meets retailer requirements.

    Enhanced content drives conversions and wins brand loyalty

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