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    How to Accelerate Your Performance on Amazon

    April 9, 2019
    5 minute read
    How to Accelerate Your Performance on Amazon

    Delivering the best-selling product pages on Amazon as a 1P (first-party seller), can often seem like an unending battle. In order for your product to maintain a high rank on SERPs (“search engine results pages”) you must master and balance a number of factors across your organization including product content and imagery, sales velocity, inventory levels, reviews, pricing, and more. We’ve introduced a new way for brands to monitor and act upon everything that helps them succeed on Amazon from a single dashboard: Amazon Command Center.

    We’ve covered how to optimize your product page on Amazon - especially when it comes to the product content you are providing. But what about keeping tabs on all the other factors that can influence your performance? Many brands are juggling multiple spreadsheets and monitoring systems, including bouncing around Amazon Retail Analytics, in order to simply evaluate their performance and determine an Amazon strategy.

    It’s not enough to achieve excellence in each of these areas and move on to the next task. On Amazon, you must constantly strive to outperform competitor products (both 1P and 3P) as well as monitor changes from the retailer itself. That is the only way, your ecommerce, logistics, marketing, and sales teams can be ready to adapt quickly to competitive opportunities or risks to your business.

    There is limited time in an Amazon team’s day for manually collecting and analyzing all the information needed to act. The Amazon flywheel, which rewards conversion with more opportunities to sell, can quickly compound a brand’s success or accelerate its failure, so every moment matters.

    Introducing a single place to gain daily insights into your Amazon performance and take action to drive success


    Today we launched Amazon Command Center, which helps you identify the daily risks and opportunities across your product portfolio and defines the actions you should take to win. In Amazon Command Center, we combine daily insights from Amazon Retail Analytics and Salsify data, and enable you to take immediate action based on what you see to take action that will drive improve your page rank and boost your sales performance.

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    During the upcoming webinar, we’ll share how you can Amazon Command Center to:

    • Gain insight into your product catalog’s most pressing problems and most important opportunities related to selling on Amazon from one dashboard view.
    • Get email or in-app task alerts about impending inventory shortages on Amazon, so you can kick-off internal processes for fixing the problem.
    • Monitor what a shopper sees for each of your product pages so you know which seller is winning the Buy Box and at what price, whether Amazon has dropped the price on their products, possible MAP violations by 3P sellers, and more.
    • Receive specific recommendations on how to improve your content health with a Salsify Product Page Report for each product sold on Amazon. Recommendations are based on Salsify’s Amazon Product Data Grader and include an evaluation of each product’s merchandising performance versus best practices, along dimensions such as title & description length, number of feature bullets, A+ content, sales rank, number and quality of images, ratings and reviews and more.
    • Ensure appropriate action is taken on those identified issues and opportunities by taking action right within Salsify and assigning related tasks to other Salsify users in your organization directly from the dashboard
    • Know with confidence whether you are tracking towards your Amazon goals and objectives with sales velocity tracking.

     The new Amazon Command Center is a part of our product experience management platform and so connects to other capabilities for driving performance on Amazon, including product set-up and maintenance, brand accuracy & compliance reporting, Image optimization, and readiness reports.


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    Written by: Salsify

    Salsify drives results for customers worldwide, empowering them to win on the digital shelf.

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