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Amazon’s A9 algorithm rewards winners.

To compete against the thousands of brands on Amazon, you need a business tech stack capable of managing the many elements involved with growing your Amazon business.

With the Amazon Digital Shelf Growth Kit, you have the tools necessary to spin the Amazon flywheel in your favor.

Amazon PIM Multilingual

Manage information in one place for the best product experience.

“Harman centralized 25 sources of data, 8 brands, and 25+ languages in less than two months.”
Centralize your product content, including product descriptions, images, videos, and inventory information. Along with your core and extended set of product information, store Amazon specific attributes, including Vendor Codes and Cost Price.
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Item Automation

Activate the right product content, fast.

“Overall, this new process has made loading our products to Amazon much more efficient. It has alleviated all of the frustrations we experienced with these loads in the past and also has dramatically decreased the time it takes to complete each load. The timing has gone from about 2 hours per template, to now 15-20 minutes per template.”
Collaborate across teams from the same trusted source of product information to improve time to market. Validate your content against Amazon-specific requirements. Use Automated Content Submission to add or update products in your Vendor Central and Seller Central catalogs.
Enhanced Content

Engage shoppers with compelling experiences.

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“Brands using Salsify doubled the number of products with A+ content in just six months.”
Develop and publish A+ content in bulk.

Optimize your performance to drive market share and margin.

“Shurtech improved sales rank by 15% on Amazon in four months”
Identify the daily risks and opportunities across your product portfolio and the actions you should take to come out on top.

Purpose built for brand manufacturers.

We’ve helped 400+ brands selling as vendors, sellers, or a hybrid method on Amazon’s global marketplaces.

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