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Video: What Is the GDSN? Our 101 Guide

Betsy Timbers | August 5, 2019

Brand manufacturers sell their products to hundreds of retailers and distributors. Retailers purchase products from thousands of manufacturers. In order to power the shipment of these products across the globe, these trading partners rely on accurate supply chain product data. But with different systems and processes, brands and retailers struggle to exchange complete, correct and consistent data. GDSN was designed to solve this problem.

The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) synchronizes supply chain data between brands and retailers and enables them to exchange trusted product data in real time to support the movement of products across the global supply chain.

Watch Salsify’s Product Manager John Apicella explain more about the history of GDSN and how retailers like Walmart leverage GDSN to align with their suppliers in this whiteboard session.


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