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    Global Product Classification (GS1)

    Global product classification (GS1) is a method of grouping products into categories that align with standards outlined by GS1, a governing organization for standardized product information and GS1 product information. GS1 partners benefit from sharing information.

    What Is theGlobal Product Classification (GS1)?

    Global product classification (GS1) standards provide global companies with a common language they can use to exchange standardized product information along their supply chain. Using these standards, retailers, brands, manufacturers, and suppliers can ensure they’re finding and sharing the most accurate, up-to-date product information, which helps streamline supply chain processes.

    Global product classification (GS1) standards outline baseline requirements to identify, record, and share supply chain data. These requirements make up categories for products: segment, family, class, and brick. The segment category identifies the product sector, such as food and beverage. The family category notes a division within that sector, such as produce. The class category refers to a group of similar items within that sector, and the brick category identifies a category of products within that class.

    By using this standard classification system, partners sharing information within a supply chain can ensure they’re using a common language for products, avoiding miscommunication.

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