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    January 30, 2020

    The Dangers of a PIM-Only Approach [VIDEO] | Salsify

    by: Salsify

    If you're pulling product information from a variety of locations across your organization, you have disconnected workflow that's delivering less-than-optimal customer experiences. For product information management (PIM), there are hidden strategy dangers.

    Watch Rob Gonzalez, our co-founder and CMO, discuss the impact of a PIM-only ecommerce approach.


    Overcome Execution Silos

    By connecting content, ecosystems, and analytics, brands can overcome execution silos. PIM corners brands into these silos by design by not being integrated and cross-functional. Treat each of these core competencies (i.e., content, ecosystems, and analytics) as an integrated and iterable process to create compelling product experiences across channels.

    Having a PIM-only approach to ecommerce weakens your brand’s ability to continually improve upon the product experiences you are syndicating across the digital ecosystem, which, in turn, can negatively affect search rank and — ultimately — conversions.

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