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    Forrester Names Salsify a Leader in 2021 PIM Wave Report

    May 27, 2021
    6 minute read
    Forrester Names Salsify a Leader in 2021 PIM Wave Report

    The consumer world has changed, and competition on the digital shelf now gives shoppers almost infinite options. This evolution has put increased pressure on brands to deliver engaging product experiences wherever their customers shop, making PIM a "cornerstone" of the digital experience stack.

    Salsify was just named a "Leader" in a new Forrester report, "The Forrester Wave™: Product Information Management, Q2 2021," written by senior analyst Amanda LeClair. The report uses a 15-criterion evaluation to assess product information management (PIM) providers and calls Salsify a "visionary and fast mover in the PIM space and commerce."

    Salsify first entered the PIM Forrester Wave in 2018 and, after significant platform and positioning investments, has evolved "as a leader in the market, winning impressive logos like Coca-Cola, Kraft Heinz, and Mars."

    Explore our biggest takeaways from the PIM Forrester Wave report, and learn why we are a Leader.


    A ‘Visionary’ and ‘Fast Mover’ for PIM and Commerce

    "PIM has moved into the spotlight," stresses the PIM Forrester Wave, emphasizing three commerce growth areas that have made having a modern PIM system almost essential:

    1. Increased importance of digital channels for the customer journey;
    2. Increased expectations for personalized content; and 
    3. Increased channel requirements for tailored data and rich media.

    At Salsify, we have taken a unique approach to PIM: Our enterprise-grade Salsify PIM platform was purpose-built for multichannel commerce that supports this commerce growth.

    "Salsify's vision challenges many accepted truths in the traditional PIM world, focusing on supporting multiple truths and taking an outside-in view of data quality to better enable commerce, using a broader lens than product experiences alone," notes the PIM Forrester Wave report.

    A PIM System Purpose-Built From the Ground Up

    "We have approached the PIM market with a radically different purpose: to enable our customers to power commerce experiences and win across the digital shelf," says Rob Gonzalez, co-founder and CMO at Salsify.

    At Salsify, we have invested over $50 million into research and development (R&D) to create a PIM system — purpose-built from the ground up — to help brand manufacturers manage product information in the multichannel, increasingly personalized age of the digital shelf.

    "Through personalization, and our ability to address the volatile, multichannel demands of today's competitive market, we are the digital shelf technology of choice for thousands of innovative brands worldwide, including Coca-Cola, Mars, GSK, and L'Oréal," Gonzalez says.

    A Modern PIM System, 'Well-Suited for Product-Centric Companies'

    Salsify has a strong reputation for our syndication and data-distribution capabilities, and we believe the PIM Forrester Wave report validates that the Salsify PIM platform also provides all of the core data-management and governance oversight expected of an enterprise-grade solution.

    Salsify received the highest possible scores in nine PIM Forrester Wave report criteria, including:

    • Governance and process support
    • Product data enrichment
    • Product data distribution
    • Product data optimization
    • User experience
    • Vision
    • Innovation road map

    "Salsify is well suited for product-centric companies that want a modern PIM and recognize product data as a key lever in ramping up digital commerce," notes the PIM Forrester Wave report.

    Salsify "customers also say it's 'almost scary how quickly' the [PIM platform] allows users to enrich content," notes the report.

    The Evolution of the Digital Shelf

    As Salsify continues our mission of helping brands win on the digital shelf, we will continue to empower brands to manage their product data to support winning commerce experiences.

    The overwhelming majority of shoppers (86%) are willing to pay more for a product when it comes from a brand they trust, according to the "2021 Salsify Consumer Research Report." Trust is built with engaging product experiences, complete with accurate and engaging product data — wherever they shop.

    "Accurate and engaging product data is foundational to building customer trust and loyalty, but it also plays a critical role in empowering customers to be the experts in their purchasing process (and beyond)," notes the PIM Forrester Wave report.

    The digital shelf is continually evolving, and brands must have the tools needed to move quickly to keep up with shifting markets, buyer behaviors, and technologies. We believe our status as a Leader helps us stand out in the PIM space, offering the vision, capabilities, and agility needed to enable companies to move at the speed of commerce.

    Download the complete Forrester report, "The Forrester Wave™: Product Information Management, Q2 2021," to learn more about the evolving PIM market and Salsify's ranking as a Leader.


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