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At the Whiteboard: The First Mover Advantage for Industrial Materials

Mya Brown | April 22, 2019

56% of Grainger’s total business was influenced by digital means in 2017. The B2B sector is on the cusp of digital change. Salsify co-founder Rob Gonzalez explains why now is the time to invest in digital growth. Watch this video to understand how suppliers should establish themselves as digital market leaders.

The First Mover Advantage in Industrial Supply

Over time, it will become increasingly more difficult and more expensive for suppliers to break into the digital landscape. The B2C sector has created a world where buyers are used to purchasing their goods online. By 2021 the B2B sector will see a similar shift towards ecommerce. As a supplier, now is the time to build your digital shelf and to position your brand for digital market leadership.

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