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    June 27, 2018
    2 minute read

    Rich Media Template for Walmart | Salsify

    by: Jessica Qu

    Including rich media, such as videos, compelling brand story layouts, and 360 images, on the product page has been shown to increase product page conversion rates by up to 30%. The important influence robust product content has on your sales is clear-cut, but the process, time, and cost of getting those assets live is anything but straightforward. Brands need an easier way to leverage the rich media assets everywhere they sell online, so consumers see the best possible depiction of a product at the moment they decide whether to buy.

    Publishing rich media to your Walmart page just got easier. 

    Salsify’s direct connection to Walmart API supports sending and publishing rich media content directly to the site. Now, ecommerce and marketing teams can now create a simple mobile-responsive below-the-fold feature layout for Walmart.com. We recently released a Rich Media Template Creator that allows brands to select images in Salsify, combine images and text in engaging layouts and then publish directly to Walmart in a few short steps in the platform.

    Salsify Rich Media Template Creator

    Rich media is a sales growth opportunity

    By creating brand-level layouts that can be applied across an entire product line or catalog, brands have a tangible, way to quickly, scale the impact of product pages. Making it fast and easy to get your rich media to third-party sites like Walmart helps accelerate your sales growth. Brands now have a direct way to extend the value of the content that already exists for each brand without having to pay specific fees for formatting or below-the-fold privileges.

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