Expand Your Market Share with Walmart and Salsify

Walmart is investing $1 billion in their ecommerce infrastructure, and that investment is starting to pay off for their brand manufacturers.

We have worked closely with Walmart to test and implement their new API for all our customers, and you can now publish your entire catalog to Walmart.com and save tons of time and manual effort. It's an unprecedented opportunity to expand market share with the world's biggest retailer. 

Customers such as Mondelez, Meyer and Drive Medical are using Salsify to manage and drive impactful product content to Walmart.com. If you have questions about speeding your Walmart assortment to market, or about the API, email us at walmart@salsify.com  - we're happy to help. If you'd like to see how we might be able to help you, register for a demonstration with one of our specialists (button below). We will continue to update this page with Walmart Content updates, so feel free to bookmark and subscribe to our blog.



Our customers publish to Walmart every day

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Here's how it works:

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DPSG Case Study


The proven path to triple-digit growth in CPG commerce

The consumer product goods (CPG) category still has a lot of gains to make in ecommerce. Dr Pepper Snapple Group adopted an agile content creation strategy across its large portfolio of brands to take advantage of digital opportunities and are reaping the rewards. Jordan Ste. Marie, Sr. Manager of Ecommerce Marketing at Dr Pepper, shares three things every CPG brand can do based on his successful experience enhancing product content on Walmart.com.

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Providing Product Content to Walmart Just Got Easier

Salsify has some great news! Our customers are some of the first to be able to deliver product content directly to Walmart through their API.

In the past, for brand manufacturers, publishing enough product content for hundreds if not thousands of products was exhausting, to say the least. All the hard work of providing basic product content, much less rich product content such descriptions, features, images, specs, datasheets, etc. for all products had to be created and then manually submitted to Walmart. Walmart's API combined with Salsify makes it easy for brands to upload content for publishing to Walmart.com, a notoriously gruesome retailer to publish to.

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Fast Facts & Resources


From the Salsify Blog

Walmart's New Product Content Specification

This new specification is big news and a key part of Walmart’s Product Content Collection System (PCCS), a major initiative to expand its digital footprint and create great customer experiences online. Below you'll find everything you and your teams need to know about the new specification.

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Downloadable Resource

5 Steps to Meeting Walmart’s Content Spec 2.0 with Salsify

October 1st is coming fast, as is the holiday season. So we built the new requirements right into the Salsify platform. Here are the 5 steps we’ll be guiding you through:

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From the Walmart Blog

Delivering Exceptional Product Content: Solving a Universal Problem

Walmart has implemented a pilot program called the Product Content Collection System (PCCS) for receiving content from their suppliers. Learn more here.

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