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    February 25, 2016
    3 minute read

    1WorldSync Certifies Salsify for GDSN Major Release 3

    by: Peter Crosby

    We're pleased to announce that as of February 25th, 2016, Salsify is now certified by 1WorldSync to send content for GS1's Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) new Major Release 3 (MjR3).This new release means good news for brand manufacturers looking to provide more complete product content that consumers demand, in part because MjR3 allows brands to syndicate 300 new product attributes through the network. 300 new product attributes means 300 more pieces of product content that will help consumers better research and understand your products, which can lead to more sales. Untitled_design.jpg

    "We have worked very closely with 1WorldSync to achieve this certification as quickly as possible to streamline the link between our brands, retailers, and the consumer, speeding product content to market," said Jason Purcell, CEO of Salsify. 

    Rich product content is integral to a brand's digital branding and ecommerce strategy. Consumers cite detailed product content as the number one reason they click "buy", according to a comScore/UPS study. This is yet another reason that the MjR3 will enable brands to amp up their product content. 

    Additionally, one-third of consumers have purchased from a brand other than the one they intended because of product content. This new GDSN Major Release reflects the realization that retailers and brands are coming to- they are realizing that delivering great, consistent consumer experiences across the distributed commerce network unequivocally increases sales.

    "The consumer is now in charge, and they have made it clear they expect accurate, detailed content wherever and whenever they shop," Jason iterated.

    GDSN's Major Release 3 is currently in testing with major trading partners, and will be fully rolled out in May 2016. Salsify customers can begin testing Major Release 3 with their own content immediately.

    This upgraded functionality is available free to Salsify customers currently using the GDSN channel.

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