A GDSN Data Pool Made for the Digital Shelf

Realize the Full Potential of the Global Data Synchronization Network


Introducing Salsify for GDSN

GDSN is built on a powerful vision.
However, the existing data pool vendors have created a system where GDSN is complicated, expensive, slow, and ineffective for the digital shelf.
Online and offline commerce has not yet been unified through GDSN.
This is why Salsify has invested in building and certifying a Salsify-native GDSN data pool. We believe the following:

GDSN Reality v Interoperable Future

All GDSN data pools should interoperate.

They must allow data to move anywhere in the world and provide brands with maximum vendor choice.
GDSN Complete Global Data Dictionary

All data pools should support the whole Global Data Dictionary.

All types of product data - both operational data and marketing content - should be enabled by every data pool provider, and recipients should use any data available to them via the GDSN.
GDSN Online and Off

Every data pool should make the requirements for every endpoint available and transparent.

There must be an automated way to constantly update changing retailer requirements so that manufacturers can take advantage of the most current merchandising opportunities.
GDSN Ease of Use

Moving content on the GDSN is not difficult. Your data pool should partner with you to make the process easy, transparent and affordable.

GDSN is no different from using any other channel for sending product content. Implementation of a communications standard should not be as slow, burdensome, or priced as high as they often are.
GDSN Silos

Solution providers should offer one unified platform for both IT and business teams to work seamlessly together.

Solutions should deliver the governance and control IT requires and the speed and flexibility the business needs.

Join us in realizing the full potential of GDSN.