A GDSN Data Pool Made for the Digital Shelf

Realize the full potential of the Global Data Synchronization Network


GDSN is built on a powerful vision.

But the existing data pool vendors have created a system where GDSN is complicated, expensive, slow, and ineffective for the digital shelf.

Online and offline commerce has not yet been unified through GDSN.

This is why Salsify has invested in building and certifying a Salsify-native GDSN data pool.

Report: How Toll Roads Cost You on the Digital Shelf

Work with your retailer customers to reallocate trade spend to better drive sales growth.

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GDSN Online and Off
Unified platform

GDSN should be able to play a major role in all commerce - including online

Data pools should support the whole Global Data Dictionary. Manage all of your product data - both operational and marketing data - in one system for both IT and business teams to work together. Learn more
GDSN Reality v Future

All GDSN data pools should interoperate.

Not all GDSN data pools have to interoperate, today. We think that should change.

With Salsify, you can connect with all your key partners (retailers, distributors) and get content everywhere it needs to go.
GDSN Ease of Use

Price should not be a barrier to getting content everywhere it needs to be.

Send more data, more often. We make the process of sending data easy, transparent and affordable.
GDSN Silos

Every data pool should make the requirements for every endpoint available and transparent.

There must be an automated way to constantly update changing retailer requirements so that manufacturers can take advantage of the most current merchandising opportunities
Open Experience Alliance

Let’s remove the roadblocks to better commerce

To be their customers’ best partner, brands need to deliver accurate, complete and consistent data quickly.

With transparent requirements that are continually updated, manufacturers can deliver the right information that retailers need and also take advantage of the most current merchandising opportunities.

We’ve built a consortium of brands that collaborates with retailers to power an open ecosystem and better digital shelf performance.
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