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    How to Communicate Brand Values on the Digital Shelf


    eCommerce penetration of online retail has accelerated over the past year. This trend forces brands to improve how they communicate their brand message to consumers on the digital shelf. Recent McKinsey research indicates that consumers increasingly care about brand values, purpose and environmental impact.

    These concerns have only increased since the start of the pandemic, but many brands are unsure of how to rise to the occasion.

    In this webinar, you'll meet Thomas Kolster, author, brand strategist, and sustainability expert. Kolster's recent book, "The Hero Trap," explores this dilemma and outlines how brands can move forward successfully. Kolster offers a deep dive into his research findings, surfacing essential strategies and tactics that have helped other brands effectively communicate values and purpose.

    The webinar will also feature Filip Engel, VP of Sustainability at Orsted, a global green energy company that was ranked #1 by Corporate Knights 2020 Global 100 index of most sustainable corporations. Engel talks about the strategies and tactics used to to transform their business and products into a global leader in sustainability.