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    February 10, 2020
    2 minute read

    Social Commerce Is an Exciting New Opportunity for Brands | Salsify

    by: Matt San Miguel

    Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and others are changing the world of ecommerce by simultaneously launching in-app checkout capabilities for all shoppers.

    Watch Rowland Graus, senior product manager at Salsify, highlight the rise of social commerce and the opportunity available for brands trying to win on the digital shelf.

    Leveraging Social Media's Influence

    Over 70% of adults engage with major social platforms, and over 50% of them are active daily. Many brands are already engaging with this user base through digital ads that narrow their target shopping audience. With social commerce, brands can now give these same shoppers the opportunity to purchase their products without leaving the app.

    Social Commerce Is Growing

    There are already 130 million Instagramers interacting with shopping posts each month, and over 2,000 brands live on Google Shopping Actions —more than 10 times the number from 2019. Taking advantage of this opportunity is imperative for brands hoping to win on the digital shelf. 

    Salsify for Social Commerce helps brands to deliver a consistent brand story to their social channels and sell directly from those platforms. Brands can also manage their inventory and orders by integrating their information to Instagram, Facebook, Google Shopping Actions, and other channels, all through the Salsify platform. 


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