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    The Google Effect: Seizing the Product Content Opportunity

    by: Josh Mendelsohn
    The Google Effect: Seizing the Product Content Opportunity

    Image via Inside Adwords BlogIt's been a few weeks since Google announced that it will be launching a "buy" button - and now that all of the initial hype has faded, the reality of what this means for consumers and brands alike is becoming more and more clear.

    In case you missed it, the Buy button will make it simple for consumers to make purchases directly from Google on both mobile devices and desktop computers, The button will also be integrated directly with paid search programs to help brand manufacturers get a return on their ad spend.

    The less talked about part of this story is the impact of shortening the purchase thread on brand manufacturers and the product content they publish to drive online sales. Because Google is making the path to finding and purchasing a product shorter, making sure that brands are delivering great product information has become a priority. 

    We’ve previously written about the fact that detailed product content is the top decision making factor for online purchase decisions, but Google's own research takes it a step further to show much product content impacts performance. For example:

    • Adding standard language keywords to Google product title and attribute data can substantially grow traffic to your products  

    • Adding alternative subcategory and descriptive terms to the product type attribute can substantially grow traffic to your products

    • Adding extra information to Google descriptions and product detail attributes can grow traffic to your products

    To help brand manufacturers do a better job of producing the content that will drive performance and improve the experience on, Google Shopping and more, the company has is launching the Google Manufacturer Center as a better way for people to submit their content directly or through technology partners like Salsify.

    Google has been a giant in search for a long time now but the fact that they are attacking ecommerce from the consumer and manufacturer angle on the back of great product content and an awesome shopping experience is really exciting.

    They’ve set the bar high and brands now have to meet it.

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    Written by: Josh Mendelsohn

    Josh is the Head of Product Marketing at Salsify and an avid online shopper, data lover, beer snob in training and music junkie.