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    February 16, 2018
    4 minute read

    Product Video Strategy | Salsify

    by: Clair Aguirre

    What makes customers click “add to cart”? In today’s world, customers want to experience as much of the product as possible when shopping online. Often, that means watching a video that can show off product features that a static image or written product description cannot. A study conducted by Twitter found that 37% of its own users wanted more video content from brands. Forrester also found that conversion rates increase up to 2.5 times when a product page includes a video compared to those without one.

    When deciding what type of video you need, consider the nature of your product. Here are three companies who demonstrate some of the best thinking in video strategy. Which tactic aligns best with your brand?

    Patagonia: The Explainer Video

    Patagonia took a simple approach to selling their Black Hole Duffel Bag. The video recreates the in-store experience as a Patagonia employee points out all the features of the bag, helping the consumer understand the functionality of the product. The same product information would not be as obvious in a static photo or description, for example, the consumer is able to see an employee point out the “daisy chains”, and learn that they are for attaching additional items. As an outdoor brand, Patagonia must build trust with consumers. With a high price point and a brand valued for its durability, it’s not about frills- consumers want to know your product is going to work for them. Create a simple video like Patagonia’s with an employee pointing out key features of your product that make it unique and reliable. Explainer videos help customers understand your product while having an experience that feels personal with an employee building confidence in your brand.

     Sweaty Betty: The Runway Video 


    Apparel shoppers want to have confidence that what they are buying is going to be flattering, and photos from a variety of angles just isn’t enough. Sweaty Betty, an athleisure brand, gives customers a complete look of each product with video. For example, visit the product detail page of a pair of leggings and see a model walking in them. This allows the consumer to see how a specific item moves and hangs on the body. The video plays in a thumbnail on the product detail page as soon as you click on the item, capturing a shopper’s attention immediately. Try this method for your apparel brand so customers can truly receive a 360 degree view of your items.

    Nike: The Product Demo Video

    Finally there is the product demo video. In this Nike video they give us a dramatic interpretation of their Air Max shoe that helps deepen our understanding of what exactly is in the product and what makes it unique. The video increases consumer interest and excitement surrounding the product, bringing it to life with lively music, enhanced product images, and animation. This type of video is truly versatile as it could work for any type of brand looking to promote a new product, and boost consumer interest. This differs from the others in that it does not have to be displayed on the product detail page, but rather could be linked to an ad that is found on another platform such as Facebook.

    So there you have it! Product videos have the ability to enhance your product content and ensure that consumers feel confident enough to click buy. If you are looking at other ways to capture shopper’s attention with compelling content, get the latest research on what other brands are doing on the digital shelf. Our 2018 Trend Analysis reveals How Leading Brands are Winning the Digital Shelf

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