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    Salsify Certification Program Launches Enhanced Content Training

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    by: Salsify
    Salsify Certification Program Launches Enhanced Content Training

    The Salsify Certification program launches the Salsify Enhanced Content Certification to equip partners and customers with the knowledge they need to build engaging shopping experiences for the digital shelf.

    The Salsify Certification program just launched its latest installment: the Salsify Enhanced Content Certification. This program aims to help Salsify partners and customers learn how to plan, build, and publish enhanced content layouts and below-the-fold content.

    The Salsify Certification program provides customers and partners with in-depth education and training on a wide range of Salsify platform components. Each complementary learning path ends with a comprehensive skills assessment that awards a certificate upon successful completion.

    Learn more about the Salsify Enhanced Content learning path, and get started on your Salsify Certification program journey.

    How Does the Salsify Enhanced Content Training Work?

    The Salsify Enhanced Content Administration learning path consists of five courses and a skills assessment. Users will explore Salsify Enhanced Content at an administrator level — beginning with the basics and then working up to building their own layout.

    By the end of the learning path, you’ll have a better understanding of the following:

    • The basics of enhanced content, including planning, strategizing, and data modeling;
    • How to navigate enhanced content pages, including the index pages and experience layout builder;
    • How layouts, modules, and pieces of enhanced content come together to tell your brand story;
    • How to prepare a layout through a series of readiness steps; and
    • How to build your first enhanced content layout through interactive exercises.


    Become a Salsify Champion

    With the Salsify Certification program, Salsify customers and partners can gain a comprehensive understanding of Salsify and learn how to get the most out of Salsify solutions.

    The Salsify Certification program currently offers several learning paths for customers and partners, including:

    To continually provide valuable training and skills assessments, Salsify is developing more learning paths as well.

    Get started on your next certification and learn how to get the most out of Salsify solutions.



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