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    Salsify A+ Content Award Winner: September 2020

    October 1, 2020
    4 minute read
    Salsify A+ Content Award Winner: September 2020

    As consumers increasingly shop online, brands have to stand out on the digital shelf with A+ content, also known as enhanced content or rich media. Problems with product content keep 79% of shoppers from making a purchase, according to our Salsify 2020 consumer research report. 

    Every month, Salsify votes for the best A+ content layouts published by our customers. Learn more about how your brand can stand out with enhanced content. Get some inspiration from our September picks. 

    Content Award Winner: Bimbo Bakery

    Food brand Bimbo Bakery welcomes customers with a vibrant product page on Amazon, complete with high-quality images, product details, and brand storytelling. At first glance, below-the-fold images provide the level of detail that shoppers expect. Enhanced Content of Country Buttermilk Bread on AmazonSource:  Bimbo Bakery - Brownberry Country Buttermilk

    High-resolution images showcase the product’s offering, functionality, and ingredients. Stylized images provide shoppers with recipe ideas and help customers visualize the product in their homes. 

    Bimbo Bakery meets customer demands for A+ content by getting into the mind of the customer, addressing questions they find valuable to their shopping experience:

    • What ingredients does the bread contain? 
    • What is the taste of the bread? 
    • How would I use this product?

    Strategically placed text highlights product details such as the origins of the bread and the purpose behind the brand. These key features drive the brand and product story visually, compelling shoppers to click buy. 

    Runner Up: Chic Home

    Bedding brand Chic Home uses enhanced content to show what customers can expect when they purchase the product. The images show what the set includes, specific product information, and fabric details. Enhanced Content of Sheets on Bed on AmazonSource: Luxury Bedding - Chic Home Champion 4 Piece Reversible Quilt Set Patchwork Print Athletic Youth Design Coverlet Bedding

    Runner Up: Avery

    For custom label brand Avery, A+ content educates shoppers on the numerous ways they can use the product. Instead of relying solely on text descriptions, Avery also uses a wide-selection of informative images that show its multitude of functions. Enhanced Content of Avery Labels on Household Products on AmazonSource: Avery - Avery Waterproof Labels with Ultrahold Permanent Adhesive

    Runner Up: Goodbaby International

    Goodbaby International uses product and lifestyle images to showcase the product’s versatile carrying style and comfortable fit. Help shoppers envision the product in their daily life by including stylized editorial photos. Enhanced Content of Baby Carrier and Styles on AmazonSource: Goodbaby International - Natural Fit Carrier

    Runner Up: Weider

    Fitness brand Weider takes a similar approach to Avery. Featuring information beyond the core details, Weider utilizes A+ content to inform shoppers on the exercise options their product offers. The layout ends with a call to action — allowing shoppers to learn more.Enhanced Content of Weirder Dumbbell Set on Amazon Source: Icon Fitness - Weider Select-A-Weight Adjustable 50 Pound Dumbbell Weights Pair

    Learn more about how your brand can boost conversions across Amazon and Walmart with enhanced content. 


    Written by: Annie Shum

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