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    Salsify Acquires Alkemics: An Open World Model Is Required for Brands and Retailers to Improve Commerce

    May 18, 2021
    5 minute read
    Salsify Acquires Alkemics: An Open World Model Is Required for Brands and Retailers to Improve Commerce

    Today we are incredibly excited to announce the acquisition of Alkemics and its Supplier Experience Management (SupplierXM) platform. Read the full press release.

    Founded in 2011 by Antoine Durieux, Antoine Perrin, and Benoît Portoleau-Balloy, Alkemics is a collaborative commerce platform for retailers and distributors. 

    The combined capabilities of Salsify and Alkemics make the Salsify Commerce Experience Management (CommerceXM) platform the only continuously adaptive system of record and workflow for brands and retailers to collaborate on winning product experiences for the digital shelf.

    The Best Experiences Are Created By Brands, Distributors, and Retailers Working in Close Partnership

    Great commerce experiences drive growth. For consumers to have the information they need to make an informed buying decision, retailers, and suppliers need the ability to exchange data quickly and adapt at the speed of the digital shelf. 

    Salsify believes in an “open world” model. Many pre-digital shelf legacy vendors profit by erecting paywalls between brands and retailers and impede collaboration. This prevents digital shelf innovation and results in a poor experience for the end consumers.

    Salsify is committed to the free and fast exchange of data. In a world of infinite shelf space and consumer-driven search, these paywalls must go away.

    Salsify and Alkemics deliver value by enabling brands and retailers to collaborate and deliver high-quality, optimized commerce experiences to the consumer.

    They do this by removing friction across the supply chain, speeding time to market, and enabling cross-functional and now cross-supply chain collaboration at scale to customers.

    The Salsify CommerceXM Platform Expands With the Acquisition of Alkemics

    With the acquisition of Alkemics, Salsify now serves brands, retailers, and distributors around the globe. 

    CommerceXM Network Final

    With today’s acquisition of Alkemics, the Salsify platform now consists of: 

    • Product Experience Management (ProductXM) empowers brands, retailers, and distributors to create, deliver, and optimize product experiences that win the algorithm across all their digital touchpoints 
    • Supplier Experience Management (SupplierXM) enables retailers to win the omnichannel shopper through deep collaboration with their suppliers at every stage of their commercial relationship
    • CommerceXM Network is the open, two-way collaboration network through which brands, distributors, and retailers exchange data, content, and communications to most efficiently deliver winning products to the market at scale. 
    “Alkemics has very elegantly solved a major problem for retailers, cleanly complementing Salsify’s focus on solving the problems that brand manufacturers face,” says Jason Purcell, co-founder and CEO of Salsify. “Combining our teams of product-centric engineering and data innovators into a single global commerce experience management provider will transform how retailers and suppliers deliver the best consumer experience possible.”

    Salsify and Alkemics Already Had a Long-Standing Partnership

    Our two platforms are integrated today, and already provide the syndication and collaboration workflows for seamless powering of an optimized digital shelf commerce experience.

    We are also excited to welcome the incredible Alkemics team to Salsify, including the entirety of Alkemics leadership. With the acquisition, Salsify will be the only global commerce experience management platform able to truly support customers worldwide. 

    "We have already been partners for years with a built-in integration to Salsify for their customers to transmit data to our EMEA [Europe, Middle East, and Africa] retailer customers," says Antoine Durieux, co-founder and CEO of Alkemics. "The acquisition enables us to be even more valuable to customers on their digital transformation journeys by providing them with a platform that is collaborative, open, and interoperable. The result is the ability to constantly adapt to — and even anticipate — new commerce trends.”

    Learn more about Salsify's acquisition of Alkemics in our FAQ.

    Future Growth for Brands and Retailers Requires an Industry Committed to Openness

    Both Salsify and Alkemics share a devotion to product-centric growth and innovation. We are high-growth, well-funded companies, with modern, cloud-native, multi-tenant, enterprise subscription platforms at the core of their businesses.

    The products have been built from the ground up to interoperate and empower business users to get work done. Compare this to other vendors that, in addition to profiting through paywalls, deliver their expertise through managed services rather than software.

    The paywalls and legacy, closed technologies of the pre-digital shelf era are preventing the industry from delivering the experiences consumers demand.

    Today, every brand deserves to offer an omnichannel experience as effective as Mars or L'Oréal. Every retailer deserves to have a supplier experience management portal as powerful and efficient as Amazon's and Walmart’s.

    The open-world model is how, together, we will facilitate experiences that drive maximum product discovery and conversion. It is the way forward to win on the digital shelf.

    Register now for our upcoming webinar to learn more about how brands can benefit from an expanded CommerceXM platform.


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