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    June 12, 2015
    2 minute read

    New Data: Detailed Product Information is the #1 Criteria for Buying

    by: Josh Mendelsohn

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    Comscore and UPS recently shared the results of some really interesting consumer research that looked closely at online shopping behavior and decision criteria. The results highlighted a theme that we talk a lot about at Salsify, the need for great product content.

    Based on the data collected from regular online shoppers (3 or more purchases on average),  detailed product information (73%) is the single most important factor in the search and selection process. The key thing to note here is the word “detailed.” That means that providing the basics are just not enough anymore. Consumers looking for products online want all the answers, not just the easy ones.  

    Next up in importance were retailer reputation (66%), return policy (62%), and the presence of multiple images or the ability to zoom in (59%).

    When it comes to mobile shopping, the study showed that shopping via a retailer’s app was preferred by 4 out of 5 people and that  access to product images (54%) and product reviews (53%) and relevant search results (50%) are considered the most important retail app features among users.

    How confident are you that you’re meeting the needs of today’s consumers?

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