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    July 26, 2018
    3 minute read

    How to win grocery on Amazon | Salsify

    by: Maria Lisac-Ramirez

    With online grocery spending projected to increase to $100 billion by 2025, brands have to adapt in order to capture the growing revenue potential. Part of ensuring success in this category means creating a tailored shopping experience that is optimized to win consumers on Amazon, the biggest online retailer in the country. Today, there are nearly half a million product pages in the Amazon grocery category, many of which have minimal content available, which presents an immense opportunity for brands to start making changes and driving up conversions.

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    In order to win on the digital grocery shelf, brands selling groceries online need to adapt to Amazon’s A9 search algorithm, the software that determines what items are displayed when customers conduct a search. The most important aspect of it is that it prioritizes high-converting product pages – many of which are determined by the product content brands provide. Is your brand ready to start gaining space on the digital shelf? Our newest guide provides you with some easy tips that deliver conversions every time.

    Salsify recently analyzed data to determine what sets a top-performing product from the rest on Amazon grocery. By looking at 15,000+ products in the “Grocery & Gourmet Food” category, we were able to determine what aspects of a product page are critical to consistently delivering conversions. Besides price, some of the most influential fields are description length, multimedia count, bullet count and sales rank.

    Online grocery is one of the most important sources of potential growth for food and beverage brands. So, what other aspects of the product page should brands focus on to make the largest sales impact? Our data suggests that when shopping for groceries, consumers want nutritional information readily available, and they respond positively to evocative descriptions, a compelling company story and targeted terminology that will drive the purchase decision home.

    That is just the beginning. When it comes to grocery, purchases are much more nuanced and depend on the type of product, price point and many other factors. Download our grocery benchmark report and watch the webinar to find out other ways to increase your market share and grow and protect your brand on Amazon.

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