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    July 18, 2018
    2 minute read

    How to prepare your digital shelf for better holiday sales

    by: Maria Lisac-Ramirez

    The Takeaway: Our newest guide will help your brand grow sales during the holiday season by implementing four actionable initiatives to help you ensure December ecommerce success.

    The holiday season is only six months away, and if you’ve experienced one before you know that the earlier you start preparing for it, the better. Retail sales, and ecommerce sales grow significantly during the holidays year after year. During that time last year, ecommerce sales grew by $16B and this year will be no different. With brands facing a battleground in ecommerce, preparing early is the only way to ensure revenue growth.

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    Going to market effectively across the hundreds of websites consumers will be browsing and buying on is no easy task. These four easy steps will help make that task a lot more manageable:

    1. Organize your people and processes as soon as possible: Avoid mistakes, ensure rapid reaction time, and anticipate your competition by establishing an ecommerce strike team that can quickly react to the changing retail landscape without jeopardizing sales.
    2. Solidify a communication strategy for your key retailers: Easily navigate through retailer requirements by developing a prioritized approach to each one and put a process in place to adapt to new requirements quickly.
    3. Make product updates to drive discoveries through search: Capitalize on the search capabilities of each retailer by making critical updates to product pages. Reach consumers by including relevant seasonal terms and keywords to increase your product’s visibility.
    4. Prepare compelling product content to appeal to seasonal shoppers: Drive product page conversions by pushing compelling product content such as images, descriptions, reviews, and rich media. Consider the buyer’s experience with your page and how the content in it could be the deciding factor in a shopper’s final purchase decision.

    Are you ready to win the digital shelf during this holiday season? These four steps are just the beginning. Download our guide to winning more holiday sales to find out how to deliver the sales during one of the seasons where they matter the most.

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