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    September 25, 2017
    2 minute read

    How to get your products discovered on Amazon

    by: Salsify

    If the digital shelf is where consumers go to discover brands, research products, and navigate their buyer buyer’s journey than Amazon is the ultimate shelf space. If you're not ranking there, you don’t exist online. And if you're not in the top five spots, you’re probably invisible on mobile. Brands that are failing to have a strong search and merchandising strategy on Amazon are hemorrhaging marketshare as dollar shift online.

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    In a recent webinar on Amazon best practices, Mark White of Content26 and Rob Gonzalez of Salsify discussed how brands can boost their discoverability on Amazon and win back market share.

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    There’s an essential relationship between the product content that you provide to Amazon and how that gets discovered by shoppers and strategy to enhance that discoverability with Amazon Marketing Services.

    Register to listen to the full webinar now.

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