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    December 5, 2018

    How to Champion Digital Transformation Across Your Organization

    by: Cara Wood

    Digital will influence 40% of all B2B transactions in the coming year. In addition, the ecommerce market for business-to-business manufacturers is forecasted to grow by 22% over the next three years. Winning, serving, and retaining business in this new digital reality forces manufacturers to embrace a new selling model that is based on self-service, high-quality product data, convenience, and consistency.

    How can you become the easiest and most profitable company to do business with? Our new Guide for B2B Manufacturers, How to Champion Digital Transformation Across Your Organization, outlines some practical steps you can take to bring products to market in a way that is consistent and meaningful with what modern business buyers have come to expect across every touchpoint.

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    B2B manufacturers need effective ways to keep up with changing buyer expectations and to continue to prove value to their downstream channel partners. You must adopt a process and technology that can empower your IT and go-to-market team to access and share relevant data quickly.

    Learn more about how to build the team and the tech stack you need to be successful from our comprehensive guide that includes a list of questions to ask your technology partners before getting started.

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