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How Pepto-Bismol is killing it on Google search

Jenni Lee | April 6, 2016

The Takeaway: Pepto-Bismol is leveraging existing product label information for product content purposes. And it's winning SEO.

Many brands have to seriously adjust their strategies to sell products in a world where consumers are increasingly using the Internet to fuel their purchasing decisions. The whole over-the-counter health care industry is included in that category, given that traditionally, consumers buy medicine in stores after they're already feeling under the weather and seeking quick relief. Looking for the right remedy, sick consumers would conduct their research by simply reading the content on the back of boxes and bottles in store.

Nowadays, however, consumers are digital and they rely on digital product content to do their research form home. They are seeking out answers to the product answers before going in store or making the purchase.

"Brands need to leverage SEO to its utmost potential."

A quick Google search away
When it comes to finding product content, nothing is better or more used than Google. Therefore, brands, especially those in the OTC health care space, need to leverage SEO to its utmost potential.

If you need an example of how to do Google product content optimization right, look no further than Pepto-Bismol. L2 Inc said that the company has a "savvy SEO strategy," and it's paying off.

"For Pepto-Bismol, 64 percent of unbranded organic search traffic comes from users typing in the symptoms listed on the product label (heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, nausea, and diarrhea)," L2 Inc wrote. "For four of those terms, Pepto-Bismol controls nearly 100 percent of traffic."

L2 Inc even pointed out that Pepto-Bismol is ranking better than heartburn medications. That's how badly the brand is killing it on Google search.

A product content strategy that kills
So hats off to Pepto-Bismol. They've taking the key information from its products' labels and from its catchy commercials and converting that into digital product content in order to drive organic search traffic directly to its products. And because it has a consistency to its communications, it doesn't matter whether consumers go to Pepto-Bismol's website or Google Shopping - they'll still find the accurate product information that they need.

This is how every brand should be leveraging existing product content to win in organic Google search!

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