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    November 21, 2017

    How Coca-Cola is thinking about CPG in e-commerce

    by: Cara Wood

    During a recent interview with CNBC, James Quincey, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Coca-Cola Company, shared some of his company’s ecommerce strategies and how he's thinking about the way its brands will appear on the digital shelf as shopping evolves. His commentary articulates a clear vision for Coca-Cola building its brand on the digital shelf as effectively as it has in stores. This strategy should serve as a blueprint for every brand interested in growing market share and customer loyalty in a time when whole categories are under attack from low-priced, undifferentiated competitors. 

    “We need to make Coca-Cola appealing to people in the online world,” Quincey said. “All the beauty and thinking that went into the making the brands appealing on the physical shelf needs to go into the online world. Everything that makes them engaging needs to be there across all retailers.”

    Watch the 5-minute clip and learn more about how Salsify customer and global brand leader Coca-Cola is planning for the future of digital shopping.

    For further insights on branding in the digital age, spend a few minutes with Salsify co-founder Rob Gonzalez at the whiteboard explaining the New Rules of Brand Marketing
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